Web Hosting; How important Is Hosting For Your Business Websites Performance

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A lot of users often ask me “How important is hosting” the answer i always give is hosting is recognised as a vital element, since its major step on how websites is delivered to customers. Customers would generally want the ability to access your website throughout the entire day, including busy hours, therefore web owners should ensure they’ve able to fulfil customers’ needs and expectation, otherwise customers would look elsewhere – no matter how good your website is. Hosting a website is acknowledged as the most significant, since search engines will use that data aka page speed, how fast your site loads to rank your website.

Not only that having a website which loads faster helps with user interaction, for instance when Walmart realised they’re being beaten by E-bay and Amazon in terms of speed they’ve invested millions on tackling that problem. Results? For every one second of enhancements they’ve experienced up to 2% of increases in conversion and for every 100 m/s of improvements, they’ve grew an incremental revenue of 1%

When Barak Obama was campaigning for 2011 Presidential Election his website took five seconds to load and after they’ve adjusted the website to load within two seconds. Results? It managed to raise an additional 34 million – that’s 14 percent in increase in donation conversions, you can only get these results by having reliable hosting company, so as you can see hosting your website is important

Web hosting

In web hosting environment, your files would typically be stored on a remote computer service which is why its generally referred as a host. The truth of the matter is every website you’ve ever visited in the internet has been hosted on a server, so you can essentially see the importance of a dedicated web hosting server company.

Cloud web hosting

With cloud web hosting, all the hardware is generally maintained on your behalf, therefore it should ease the pressure, since web owners don’t have to worry about those factors. The service would generally be able to support the entire platform.

One of the hosting services I would recommend is hosting Seekahost – we’re an upcoming powerhouse hosting firm that are designed and constructed in such a way that could potentially fulfil all your needs in one big sweep. Furthermore, we provide outstanding advice and guidance to users, which surpasses other existing service hosting companies currently in the market.

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