Digital Marketing

Avoid Paid Ads #1 Organic Marketing Strategy by Neil Patel

In this video, Neil Patel shared his #1 Organic Marketing Strategy which helps to avoid using paid Ads.

Having a website or blog that rank’s for something other than the brand name?

Go to Google Search Console, it will show you the terms that you’re ranking for. Look for the most popular terms.

Search that keyword in Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest will show you all the long tail variations of that keyword. See what are all the terms that relevant to the article or the page that’s already ranking. Adjust your content by including long-tail phrases in the content, you’ll find that within 30 to 60 days you’ll also start ranking for all those long-tail phrases.

Use the most popular long-tail phrases in the title and meta description. This is one of the most easier ways to rank faster. Finally, link out to other sites to cite your sources or relevant to that site.

Follow this strategy to avoid paid ads and save your money.