Online Marketing Techniques

7 eCommerce Email Marketing Tactics by Neil Patel

In this video, Neil Patel share 7 eCommerce Email marketing  tactics

Tactic 1: Scrub your list

  • Make sure to scrub your email list regularly.
  • It will helps to up your delivery rates,open rates, clicks and sales.

Tactic 2: Do trigger based emails

  • It will helps to improve your sales.

Tactic 3: Do time based emails

  • Target your customers with emails at the time they were on the site.

Tactic 4: Promotional based emails

  • You want to make your campaign set up in advance.

Tactic 5: Try to use text based emails

  • Keep your email shot.You want to  use text based emails.

Tactic 6: Up selling and down selling

  • Up selling is important for business. It will helps to improve your profits,sales and customer loyalty.

Tactic 7:  Email marketing.

  • Use email combined with push notifications.
  • Use Subscriber tool.