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Posted By Surya

Instagram Ads vs Facebook Ads

Online advertising is one of the strategies followed in Digital Marketing. The best way to make online advertising can be done only by using the Social Media platforms. In this video, Adam Erhart has compared the advertising in Instagram and Facebook based on some criteria. They are:

Easy Of Use: For easy advertising, monitoring etc,. both the Facebook ads and Instagram ads uses the same advertising manager. When you create ads on Facebook, the same thing will be applied on Instagram too.

Reach: In this criteria, the ultimate winner will be Facebook. Because, Facebook users are more when compared to Instagram users. So when advertising, the ads will reach more users in Facebook than Instagram.

Engagement: More than advertising, the user engagement to the ads is more necessary. When coming to user engagement, Instagram is high than Facebook

Video Ads: Facebook Video Ads doesn’t have any limitations in duration. Facebook video ads can cover the users with different criteria when compared to Instagram Video Ads.

Image Ads: In Instagram, the image ads can be easily portrayed through pictures. So, in this criteria Instagram wins again.