Online Marketing Techniques

7 Marketing Lessons Learned From Google Employees By Neil Patel

In this video,Neil Patel share 7 marketing lessons learned from google employees.

Lesson 1: Research new markets.

  • Create content in all religion market like German, French, Portuguese, Hindi.

Lesson 2: Expanding globally doesn’t guarantee traffic.

  • If you needed to transcribe your content ,adjust it to the market. you need to do keyword research.

Lesson 3: Payment plans.

  • Payment plans are great way to make money.

Lesson 4:  Omnichannel 

In your marketing consider going omnichannel,because even if some of other channels don’t produce as good result.

Lesson 5: Old is new.

  • Just try to keep create a new content.
  • Update blog posts per month.

Lesson 6 : Branding is every thing

  • Branding is the important part of marketing.Build bigger your brand the higher your ranking.

Lesson 7: Make sure you have feet on the ground.

  • Don’t forget to leverage your business.

Watch this full video,get some ideas and implement your business.