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How To Use The Google Display Network (11 Simple Tips For Success)

In this video John Lincoln explains about Google Display Network and provides some tips that helps you to increase conversation and drive more revenue.

Google Display Network is one of the biggest networks for online advertising provided by Google. Google has partnership with other websites. So they can deliver ads in different ways.

11 Tips for Google Display Network

Tip 1 -> Get familiar with targeting

Tip 2 -> Run remarketing Ads on Google display Network

Tip 3 -> Exclude websites that are off topic on display network

Tip 4 -> Use manual targeting options

Tip 5 -> Use the similar audience feature

Tip 6 -> Use display select keyword targeting

Tip 7 -> Make sure your ads are visual and appealing

Tip 8 -> Make sure to adjust for the time of day

Tip 9 -> Run Display Network ads and search ads

Tip 10 -> Do Gmail sponsored promotions

Tip 11 -> Use the contextual tool

Watch this video to learn more about Google Display Network.