Please Select Your Preferred PBN Hosting Plan for Blogs & Websites

We Offer the Most Affordable Prices for your PBN Websites and Blogs Hosting. Our Plans are Designed for those Who Require Cheap Hosting Services for Host Advanced SEO Plugins on their Blogs. PBN Should be Hosted on Multiple Class (Class A, Class B, Class C) IPs to Offer Search Engine Optimization Benefit to Each Website or Blog. Our Best PBN hosting Services are Combined with cPanel and 1 Click Install using Softaculous or Fantastico makes SeekaHost Absolutely Irresistible.

5 IP PBN Hosting

5 IP PBN Hosting for Small PBN

  • 5 Seperate IP
  • 2GB Disk Space
  • 20GB Data Transfer
  • 5 CPanel Accounts

10 IP PBN Hosting

10 IP PBN Hosting for Small PBN

  • 10 Seperate IP
  • 5GB Disk Space
  • 50GB Data Transfer
  • 10 CPanel Accounts

20 IP PBN Hosting

20 IP PBN Hosting for Medium PBN

  • 20 Seperate IP
  • 10GB Disk Space
  • 100GB Data Transfer
  • 20 CPanel Accounts

30 IP PBN Hosting

30 IP PBN Hosting for Medium PBN

  • 30 Seperate IP
  • 15GB Disk Space
  • 150GB Data Transfer
  • 30 CPanel Accounts

40 IP PBN Hosting

40 IP PBN Hosting for Large PBN

  • 40 Seperate IP
  • 20GB Disk Space
  • 400GB Data Transfer
  • 40 CPanel Accounts

50 IP PBN Hosting

50 IP PBN Hosting for Large PBN

  • 50 Seperate IP
  • 25GB Disk Space
  • 250GB Data Transfer
  • 50 CPanel Accounts

60 IP PBN Hosting

60 IP PBN Hosting for enterprise PBN

  • 60 Seperate IP
  • 30GB Disk Space
  • 300GB Data Transfer
  • 60 CPanel Accounts

70 IP PBN Hosting

70 IP PBN Hosting for enterprise PBN

  • 70 Seperate IP
  • 35GB Disk Space
  • 350GB Data Transfer
  • 70 CPanel Accounts

Safe, Secure & Reliable Multi Locations Hosting

Our robust network of servers is stationed in premium data centers around the world. We’re highly selective when it comes to our network partners, and we have a very rigorous selection process to ensure that all data centers comply with our own very high standards. We’re committed to maintaining a great network that lets you pick and choose where your site will be hosted.

Hosting Features

cPanel Access

Every domain setup in our system is given a unique cPanel account providing access for each of the individual domain owners to manage their website with an easy to use interface packed full of useful features for managing databases, email, files, and much more.

Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime

We guarantee your online presence with fast and reliable content delivery and networks availability of 100% of the time excluding maintenance. We have also implemented Anti-Spam software into all packages. Our package, SpamAssassin is considered to be an industry-leading tool.

Enterprise Standard

All of our data centers feature physical on-site security, redundant switches, routers, power systems, fire suppression systems and full climate control.We're constantly on the lookout for new technology to enhance our customers' hosting experience and obsessively hunt down new technologies to ensure that all of our existing hardware and software resources are up-to-date.

Multi Locations Hosting

Hosting near to your audience is highly recommended for SEO, and to make sure your site content can reach users as fast as possible. We’re committed to maintaining a great network that lets you pick and choose where your site will be hosted, and makes life easier for you! The following datacenter locations are available.

Top Level Support

We guarantee 24x7 Support. All our staff are experienced SEO expert and they will help you to setup your PBN and all you hosting needs. All the complains and inquires made in our system is logs and periodically monitor by managing staff to maintain the standard of the Support.

Including All other hosting feature Set

PBN hosting packages will get all the other features available in hosting. Emails, MySQL Databases, DNS Functions, One Clicks Software Installation, Multiple Technologies (PHP, Perl, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, CGI-bin, Zend & Ioncube), PHPMyAdmin, Cron Jobs, Unlimited subdomains, Unlimited FTP accounts and much more.


Our clients bank on us as their preferred PBN hosting service provider for many reasons.

  • Our PBN Hosting plans are optimiesd for PBN and SEO websites.
  • Our pricing plans are targeted to smaller budget SEO agencies.
  • There are no hidden costs and stressful hassles in managing your website.
  • We support not only Hosting but also to rank your web site for SEO