Online Marketing Techniques

How To Promote Your Blog Without Paid Ads By Neil Patel

In this video,Neil Patel share 5 simple ways to promote your blog without paying for paid ads.

Steps to promote your blog.

Step 1: Go on the social web

  • In social media, People are talking about your competition positively or negatively, you want to engage into the conversation.

Step 2: Comment on your competitors blog’s

  • Comment on your competitors blog post and approach positively.
  • Link back to your site.This is the amazing way to grt traffic from your competitor.

Step 3: Go to

  • Go to, just put in your competitor blog URL,and see who linking to them.

Step 4: Buzzsumo

  • It shows you the most popular articles  or least popular articles that your competitors have.
  • Take most popular posts and write a better version of them.

Step 5: Help people on social media

  • People are complaining about your competitors every single day.
  • Find out who’s complaining the blog, help them out and tell them about your blog.

Watch this video, follow these steps and promote your blog without spending money.