See How A Web Consultant Can Help Your Site

“Get online,” everyone tells you. No one shows you how.

That’s where we are different. We not only show but handhold you through the entire process of getting online and succeeding. Check out how we help you achieve success online, with a multi-dimensional approach.

Helping you optimise your Business Online Presence with our Web Consultancy Services

At SeekaHost, we actually believe that every business is unique. So, templatized plans don’t work. Why wait 6 months and invest £5,000 in web marketing, when there’s a better way that suits your business?

For this, we assign a dedicated web consultant who will guide you in each step of getting your business online and succeeding.

Our web consultants are experts in:

  • Offering advice in picking the best domain name for your personal or business website
  • Finding the best domain name with our domain checker tool
  • Registering the domain easily and quickly
  • Helping you host the domain and get the website online with competitive hosting plans

Furthermore, our web consultants will answer any questions you have regarding:

live chat support

How to get access to your web consultant?

Once you create an account with SeekaHost, from the client panel you can request a call back from our web consultant by raising a support ticket or you can enquire via the live chat support. You can alternatively call our hotline or send us your enquiry through our contact form, simply click on the button below.

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Our 3 Types of Web Consultancy Services

Web Marketing Consulting

Our web marketing consulting services can help you with:

  • Implementing basic SEO strategies like link building
  • Utilizing social media marketing
  • Utilizing influencer marketing
  • Enlisting your business on Google My Business
  • Adding your business in business directories
  • Utilizing Guest Posting or PR strategies

Our web marketing consulting services are beneficial for your business because:

  • They are based on years of experience and best practices. Furthermore, if there’s an issue with a specific area of your marketing channels, our web marketing consultants can find and analyse it without spending hours on it. Thus, you receive a head start over your competitors.
  • You pay only for what you have been briefed on. You won’t have to worry about other expenses that come with staff hiring such as recruitment procedures, training, employee benefits, medical benefits, and overhead costs.
  • Our web marketing consultants have access to premium quality tools, services, and solutions that a regular full-time employee or freelancer won’t have. Thus, you achieve the goals faster without spending a fortune on these tools and solutions.

Web Development Consulting

Our web development consultants will help you with:

  • Carrying out extensive industry and competitor analysis
  • Developing and implementing a website strategy
  • Developing a web content strategy
  • Managing UI/UX design, testing, and prototyping

Our web development consulting services are beneficial for you because:

  • They will come with data-driven web development decisions to build or optimise your website most suitable for your business requirements. Our consultants are well-equipped with the latest trends in website development technology and have the vast industry knowledge to develop the best website suited to your needs.
  • They manage modern, inclusive, and minimalist solutions that offer users a rich interactive experience. The solutions increase responsiveness and help the website load faster. Furthermore, inclusive designs help people with disabilities and visual impairments to have a smooth user experience.
  • They assist you to optimise your website for SEO. The consultants have years of expertise and experience on the matter and know how to implement audit tools, keyword research tools, and machine learning-assisted search engine optimization to deliver a website that doesn’t just look outstanding, but also performs well on search engines.

Web Design Consulting

Our web design consulting services will help you with:

  • Creating or optimising a website
  • Performing a website audit
  • Improving the website’s performance (loading speed, safety etc.)
  • Making a website mobile responsive
  • Developing a branding identity with logos
  • Reaching sales targets with conversion design elements

Our web design consulting services are beneficial for your website because:

  • They will help you perform quantitative and qualitative research on your website. Our consultants have the expertise and experience to perform the research and measure specific elements to define the success of your web design. Furthermore, the consultants will optimise the design to achieve marketing goals and implement elements for more website conversions.
  • They will make sure your website is optimized for the modern web and for mobile devices. The consultant will check whether the website layout, content, and imagery adhere to the latest guidelines released by Google. Thus, your website will look cleaner, load faster, and rank better in SERP results.
  • They will check your website for issues such as low-quality code, broken links, oversized images, and poor user journeys. All these factors lead to a lower SEO ranking, low web traffic, and high bounce rates. Our web design consultants offer effective solutions to fix these issues.

How to work with a Web Consultant?

If you’re new to SeekaHost, you can call the hotline or enquire via the contact form.

If you already have an account with SeekaHost, you can raise a support ticket with the request to receive a call back from the web consulting services team.

You can tell them more about what you’re looking for and the ideal time to call you. They will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your questions.

Additional specialised Web Consultancy Services

Our web consulting services provide exclusive consultations on specific fields of website strategy to help our customers make their websites and web presence a success.

Media Placement Services

The services stand for the placement and publication of advertisements and content marketing on publishing and media platforms.

Digital age advertising comes in the form of news and press releases, guest blogs and articles, interviews, guest features and opinion pieces and can greatly help with branding, SEO and the overall presentation of your business and website on the web.

Our media placement services help you:

  • Choosing the right media channel to promote your business. With our services, make sure to make the publication unique and abide by the editor’s guidelines. Furthermore, we help you in crafting press releases and guest contributions strategically to make sure the esteemed publications and platforms accept and publish them with the right references and links. The process results in more websites with a high domain authority mentioning your business. Thus, your website and business stand out from the crowd.
  • Researching the target audience. We help you filter media publications by monthly visitors, newsletter subscribers, and visitor demographics to ensure you reach the right people.

Placing your media publications where the target audience can see it. With strategically targeted media placements, you can track the campaign’s success with ease by using SEO tools. Furthermore, we assist you to link your website to a media placement using the most suitable and converting keywords and calls to action

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Domain Buying Services

Buying domains with the right top-level domain (TLD) is essential for any business website as users find businesses with certain top-level domains to be:

  • Stable
  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable

.com is the most used and most expensive TLD while other TLDs include .biz and .edu, among others. So, the purpose and web content type impact the best TLD as well as the location.

Our top-level domain buying services offer a .com TLD at $5.99, which is extremely competitive. Furthermore, we won’t jack up the renewal price once you buy and you can cancel your hosting plan flexibly.

Our web consultant will advise you on:

  • Generic TLDs: Include .com, .net, .org, .gov, and .edu, among others. .gov is reserved for governmental institutions while the governments of other nations can use a second suffix. For example, for Indian government.
  • Country code TLDs: These are assigned to a single country. For example, the country code TLD for the UK is .uk. A few nations allow foreign nationals to use the country code TLDs while other countries ask for proof of citizenship.
  • Sponsored TLDs: Specific industries and businesses use these TLDs. For example, the International Council of Museums has created the TLD .museum.
  • Infrastructure TLDs: Belong to the International Assigned Numbers Authority, a part of ICAAN. The organisation oversees internet-protocol-related issues and IP address allocation. The suffix of the TLD is .arpa.

Best Guest Posting Sites for Content Marketing

Guest posting helps you to:

  • Increase your content reach
  • Build quality web references
  • Publish with the most reputed publications

SeekaHost’s guest-posting services offers you a list of 70 guest posting sites. Furthermore, you can find many guides on how to ace your guest posting game and the web consultants can help you plan a guest posting strategy for the best SEO results for your website.

Buying and Selling Domains Including Domain Auctions

Buying and selling domains is beneficial as you can use expired domains to create a website or PBN sites and use the sites to publish content for SEO advantages.

At SeekaHost, we have made the process of buying and selling domains completely hassle-free for users. All you need to do is visit the and follow the instructions or get the help of our web consultants.

They will advise you on how to identify promising expired domains with solid future potential.

Support with Digital Marketing

Our web consultants can offer advice on digital marketing strategies and with SeekaHost you can also take these digital marketing courses if you want to give it a go yourself:

  • Domain name finding and registration: Learn specific ways to pick the best domain names for your website. Furthermore, you will learn how to invest in expired domains and make profits.  
  • Learn how to start a blog: Teaches you to pick up the right domain name, do proper keyword research, and build the blog from scratch.
  • Smart blogging skills: Teaches you how to grow the blog and how to make the blog an income-generating virtual platform.       
  • Website creation tips and training: Teaches you the A-Z of website creation including choosing and registering a domain name, buying domain hosting, and installing WordPress to get the website online, among others.
  • Content creation and online marketing techniques: Teaches you to find your target audience, keywords, and topics. Furthermore, you will learn how to structure a blog and implement SEO best practices.
  • Knowledge to implement SEO on blogs and websites: Teaches you the ins and outs of both on-page and off-page SEO.
  • Google AdWords campaign creation: Teaches you everything about Google AdWords including creating an account, types of ads, ad targeting and scheduling, among others.
  • Facebook and Instagram ads and remarketing: Teaches you the best practices and step-by-step processes of Facebook and Instagram ads and remarketing.