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Facebook Custom Audiences: 4 You Need to Try

In this video Wes McDowell tells 4 ways of using custom audience that you spend your ad budget much more wisely and to convert higher rates for lower cost. 1. From your email list. 2. From strategic websites list. 3. From Facebook video “bait”. 4. Super audience( look alike audience with a twist). The more important in [...]

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Email Subject Lines That Work By Wes McDowell

In this video Wes McDowell explains 9 email subject lines that work. 1. Numbered list – The first thing is numbered list. Most of us like numbers. The heading with the number will attract the people more. 2. Curiosity – Create the subject line that makes people curious and open to see what’s inside. 3. Quick fix – [...]

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Local Business Lead Generation: 3 Must Try Funnels

In this video Wes McDowell give three 3 proven lead gen funnels you can use to achieve your goals. 1. Freebie or giveaway or discount funnel – The first thing you could offer some free services for the customers. 2. Educational funnel – For every business, you should offer something unique or will educate the people why they [...]


How to Get International Blog Traffic?

  In this video, Neil Patel explained Simple Way to Boost Website Traffic – How to Get International Blog Traffic. Do you really want to get more traffic in simple ways? The very simple & easiest way is to translate the blog into multiple languages. Because we’re not sure that all the people will search in the English [...]

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Get Million Visits With One Simple Keyword Hack

  In this video, Neil Patel explained How to Get 4 Million Visits Per Month With One Simple Keyword Hack? The very first thing you want to do is, Go to Ubersuggest and type your domain. It will list all the pages and the keywords driving the traffic. The next step is, log in to Google Search Console. It will show all the terms that [...]