PBN Hosting

PBN Hosting

Our PBN hosting plans allows you to host websites all over the world.

  • Upto 2000 Unique IPs

  • One click Installer

  • 24x7 Live Support

  • Individual Control Panel

  • Starting from $1.25 per IP

  • Private Name Servers

  • Web Hosting
  • php web Hosting
  • mysql
  • cpanel
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World’s Best PBN Hosting for Private Blog Networks

Our private blog network hosting services are designed to support your SEO needs and we understand the importance of managing your PBNs securely. Our SeekaHost web hosting technicians have been in the SEO industry for over 5 years. We know what’s best when it comes to hosting and managing blogs to support the SEO requirements. Please take a moment and read what is mentioned on this web page and ask us anything you want to know via live our chat support.

A Completely Natural Hosting Profile
with different A-, B- and C- IPs

We provide you with different class IPs so you get a natural IP profile for your blog networks. You get unique DNS for each of your domains. You also get a free HTTPS setup with our free SSL certification. Your domains are secured and gain more trust from Google and any search engine.

Our unique IPs from multiple locations give you the unique look & foot printless setup. Currently our IPs are diversified from 13 different countries.

Best PBN Hosting service

PBN Hosting Features

Flexible PBN Hosting features exclusively prepared for the Private Blog Network. Get all the features without any additional fee.
Highly Advanced Features for your PBN Domains for free

C Class IP Hosting

Unique C Class IPs

Whatever package you buy, our customized system will allocate you the Unique A/B/C Class IP's for your domains under the package.

Free Daily Backup

Daily Backups

We offer a free weekly Backup system for all the websites hosted under the PBN Hosting package with restoration options.

Email Functions

Email Functions

All our PBN Servers come with the built-in mail server that gives you the flexibility to configure the email on your websites without any additional configuration

No Plugin Restrictions

No Plugin Restrictions

You can install and use any WordPress Plugins without any restrictions. It gives you the complete freedom on your blog to integrate the plugins that you want.

Free Malware Scanner

Free Malware Scanner

Security is the biggest threat for the PBN Domains. But here you don't need to worry as our servers are scanned periodically to ensure the secured hosting environment.

No footprint hosting

NO Footprint

The IP's are safely monitored with proper dilution and guarantee you the footprint less Hosting solution to safeguard your PBN Domains.

Select Your Preferred PBN Hosting Plan for Private Blogs & Websites

Price Mentioned Is Per IP for 3 years, Get Started To Know Final Price

5 IP
PBN Hosting

5 IP PBN Hosting for Small PBN

  • 5 Unique IP

  • 2.5GB Disk Space

  • 25GB Data Transfer

  • 25 Subdomains

  • 5 Control Panels

$1.60/monper IP

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10 IP
PBN Hosting

10 IP PBN Hosting for Small PBN

  • 10 Unique IP

  • 5GB Disk Space

  • 50GB Data Transfer

  • 50 Subdomains

  • 10 Control Panels

$1.60/monper IP

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20 IP
PBN Hosting

20 IP PBN Hosting for Medium PBN

  • 20 Unique IP

  • 10GB Disk Space

  • 100GB Data Transfer

  • 100 Subdomains

  • 20 Control Panels

$1.60/monper IP

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30 IP
PBN Hosting

30 IP PBN Hosting for Medium PBN

  • 30 Unique IP

  • 15GB Disk Space

  • 150GB Data Transfer

  • 150 Subdomains

  • 30 Control Panels

$1.60monper IP

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40 IP
PBN Hosting

40 IP PBN Hosting for Large PBN

  • 40 Unique IP

  • 20GB Disk Space

  • 200GB Data Transfer

  • 200 Subdomains

  • 40 Control Panels

$1.60/monper IP

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50 IP
PBN Hosting

50 IP PBN Hosting for Large PBN

  • 50 Unique IP

  • 25GB Disk Space

  • 250GB Data Transfer

  • 250 Subdomains

  • 50 Control Panels

$1.60/monper IP

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60 IP
PBN Hosting

60 IP PBN Hosting for Large PBN

  • 60 Unique IP

  • 30GB Disk Space

  • 300GB Data Transfer

  • 300 Subdomains

  • 60 Control Panels

$1.60/monper IP

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70 IP
PBN Hosting

70 IP PBN Hosting for Large PBN

  • 70 Unique IP

  • 35GB Disk Space

  • 350GB Data Transfer

  • 350 Subdomains

  • 70 Control Panels

$1.60/monper IP

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80 IP
PBN Hosting

80 IP PBN Hosting for Enterprise PBN

  • 80 Unique IP

  • 40GB Disk Space

  • 400GB Data Transfer

  • 400 Subdomains

  • 80 Control Panels

$1.60/monper IP

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100 IP
PBN Hosting

100 IP PBN Hosting for Enterprise PBN

  • 100 Unique IP

  • 50GB Disk Space

  • 500GB Data Transfer

  • 500 Subdomains

  • 100 Control Panels

$1.60/monper IP

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150 IP
PBN Hosting

150 IP PBN Hosting for Enterprise PBN

  • 150 Unique IP

  • 75GB Disk Space

  • 750GB Data Transfer

  • 750 Subdomains

  • 150 Control Panels

$1.60/monper IP

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200 IP
PBN Hosting

200 IP PBN Hosting for Enterprise PBN

  • 200 Unique IP

  • 100GB Disk Space

  • 1000GB Data Transfer

  • 1000 Subdomains

  • 200 Control Panels

$1.60/monper IP

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500 IP
PBN Hosting

500 IP PBN Hosting for Premium PBN

  • 500 Unique IP

  • 250GB Disk Space

  • 2500GB Data Transfer

  • 2500 Subdomains

  • 500 Control Panels

$1.60/monper IP

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700 IP
PBN Hosting

700 IP PBN Hosting for Premium PBN

  • 700 Unique IP

  • 350GB Disk Space

  • 3500GB Data Transfer

  • 3500 Subdomains

  • 700 Control Panels

$1.60/monper IP

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1000 IP
PBN Hosting

1000 IP PBN Hosting for Premium PBN

  • 1000 Unique IP

  • 500GB Disk Space

  • 5000GB Data Transfer

  • 5000 Subdomains

  • 1000 Control Panels

$1.70/monper IP

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2000 IP
PBN Hosting

2000 IP PBN Hosting for Premium PBN

  • 2000 Unique IP

  • 1000GB Disk Space

  • 10000GB Data Transfer

  • 10000 Subdomains

  • 2000 Control Panels

$1.70/monper IP

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Why Choose SeekaHost?

SeekaHost - the #1 Choice to grow your PBN Domains.
Our Services are used by 20K+ PBN Customers all over the world

Individual cPanel Account

Individual Control Panel Account

Get an individual Control Panel Account for each domain under PBN Hosting and manage your website with a friendly interface.

Guaranteed Uptime

Guaranteed Uptime

Our Guaranteed Uptime shows our excellence in providing the best class support & quality servers.

Extended Customer Support

Extended Customer Support

Our experienced support team will not only assist you with web hosting support but also help you with solving website issues.

Highly Secured

Highly Secured

Regular Scanning and Anti DDOS Prevention will make sure your website and it's content is safe & secured.

Configuration Support

Configuration Support

We provide FREE Configuration Support for all our customers with a general DNS checkup.

No Hidden Cost

No Hidden Cost

No hidden charge for managing your website at its best. Only pay the amount we show.

Why SeekaHost started to offer cheap web hosting with unique IPs for the SEO community?

After starting a PBN Demystified Facebook Group, SeekaHost founder Fernando Raymond realised that many SEO services professionals need a reliable and affordable web hosting service to host their private blogs and websites. And that’s why our PBN hosting services were introduced to the market and dominated it with over 20,000 happy users from all around the world. They are using our services to power their online search engine results. We are the leading SEO hosting provider for SEO services providers in the US, UK, the majority of Europe, Brazil, Australia as well as India.

We intend to provide our customers with the best, most secure, and cheap PBN hosting for their private blogs with all the tools to get online. You can join the PBN Demystified Facebook Group to get the latest info. Also, if you are looking to buy expired domains for your PBN setup process, we can advise you and locate your bestsellers in the Facebook group, which currently consists of over 10,000 members. Most of them use our hosting services to support their blogs and clients’ websites for search engines optimization.

multiple IP PBN hosting

At SeekaHost, we offer the best customer care with 24/7 premium support to run your private blog networks securely and efficiently. You can email us or join our live chat for any advice regarding our PBN hosting services. Check our PBN hosting reviews online by searching for SeekaHost PBN hosting review and you’ll see how satisfied our customers are.

PBN Building Techniques
We help you grow online with the latest SEO skills

When you buy any of our affordable hosting plans from this page as an annual package, you will get the lifetime access to our online SEO training course for free. Because we seriously want to help your SEO business. And if you buy the 10 IPs or more annual package, you will get the access to the local SEO blueprint presented by Fernando. It will teach you everything about local SEO services, how to build a thriving SEO business and grow your consultancy business.

1-Click Installation
WordPress Platform

We will provide you with the Control Panel for each of your domains so you can use 1-Click install WordPress for your blog/s. If you want us to install WordPress, we can do that for you at an extra cost. Server setup for performance and security will be done by SeekaHosters so you can have peace of mind and scale your private blogs as much as you wish.

PBN Hosting

“Join the 20,000 plus happy users who grow their online business with SEO powered hosting services & SEO training skills from SeekaHost.”

PBN Hosting for private blog networks

Safe, Secure & Reliable Multi Locations Hosting

Our robust network of servers is stationed in premium data centers around the world. We’re highly selective when it comes to our network partners, and we have a very rigorous selection process to ensure that all data centers comply with our own very high standards. We’re committed to maintaining a great network that lets you pick and choose where your site will be hosted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PBN (Private Blog Network)?

In PBN Hosting, PBN is a collection of high authority websites from which the powerful links points to your WordPress/any money site. In common, PBNs are the expired high authority domains with a great backlink profile which make it more powerful for SEO.

What is PBN Hosting?

PBN Hosting is not something like a normal shared hosting. When we are hosting a Private Blog Network, then we should make sure Google/ other search engine doesn’t have a track on it. So hosting should be aware of hiding the Footprint and should show every account as a unique website/profile.

Is SeekaHost PBN Hosting safe?

Yes! SeekaHost PBN Hosting Packages are completely safe and secured. We offer PBN Web Hosting Packages as Zero Footprint Hosting. Under PBN Web Hosting Packages, you will get Unique C Class IP’s with Private Name Server Setup to show your domain unique and to hide the hosting profile.

What are Private Name Server and Custom Name Server?

Name Servers are classified into two categories as Custom Name Server & Private Name Server/Child Name Server. Custom Name Server will be common for all the accounts under a server which will be having the domain name of hosting company with the prefix as ns followed by a number. Private Name Server/ Child Name Server will be the same as of domain name. For example: If you domain name is example.com then your private name server will be ns1.example.com & ns2.example.com. So it will be unique for each domain and it shows difference for the bots.

Will I get different ‘C’ Class IP?

Yes Of course! You will get Unique ‘C’ Class IP Address and Individual Control Panel Account for each domain under a PBN Web Hosting Package.

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