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Customer Friendly Responsive Support for every customer is the uniqueness of SeekaHost Web Hosting. Highly trained and experienced support agents are available 24×7 to assist you with all enquiries throughout 365 days.

Handling your website hosting is very easy with the top-notch support that we provide. The Quality of support is what all our reviews talk about and that makes our customers feel reassured and special.


Our Australia-based server provides the best user experience and loading speed for any of your website.

As a small to large-scale website hosting provider, we understand the real-time importance of hosting your website at the closest place next to you. Taking this route will have a direct impact on your website’s loading speed and the other factors that help you in Local SEO. As a Australian having a business located in/around Australia and the website hosted in the same place will give you a good hold on everything. So, Setting up a website effectively shows good results on search on search engines and its loading time and user experience. Hence, why SeekaHost provides the best possible hosting performance for your business website to support you by significantly increasing your conversions and sales via the website you host with us.

What is a Australia-based server?

To start with a server based on Australia, we acquire from highly secured, reliable and most easily accessible data centers in Australia. So, how does that help you business? An Australia web hosting makes sure your websites are at the reachable distance to retrieve files in seconds and load your website at an excellent speed.

SeekaHost has a team committed to monitoring the server and maintaining zero downtime. To keep it simple, we just make forgot about hosting issues once you get it hosted with us. While doing so, we ensure security, easy data accessing, scalability, and 24×7 support if there any need arises. 

So, if your business or service is based in Australia then you should opt for Australia-based website hosting to reach your target audience in the quickest, most secure, and most recommended way.  

Speaking about easy access, we have clients across the globe to validate and study the on-hand experience of hosting the websites in Australia Web Hosting Service.

Experts at the ClickDo SEO agency have tested close proximity server hosting in cities like London, where they are based and have found that hosting their and their London client’s websites on nearby servers made a huge difference to their organic ranks on Google or Bing search engines. You can read more about their findings in their case studies covering how moving the hosting closer to their physical location helped the services company websites in various ways.  You can find reviews on and

As a responsible hosting provider, we focus on using energy from renewable sources to power the servers in the data centers we use.

Why selecting a web hosting in Australia is the right option?

There are plenty of plans when it comes to Australian web hosting services, and it may be very confusing and difficult to choose the right Australia-based hosting for your business websites.

At SeekaHost, you can find several business web hosting plans that cater to your individual needs:

  • *

    Australia Shared Server Hosting

  • *

    Dedicated server Australia

  • *

    Managed Australian server hosting

  • *

    Australia VPS hosting

  • *

    Managed Amazon Cloud Hosting in Australia

  • *

    Fastest WordPress Hosting in Australia


If you are looking for more affordable options, the shared hosting servers that are based in Australia may be for you. However, we do not recommend it for your business unless you cannot afford any of the other above-mentioned options.

We urge every business owner to invest in the high-quality Australia dedicated server hosting or managed Australia web hosting options, as they will provide your websites with high loading times and positive SEO results. If you want your complex professional business website hosted with the best high-performance servers with ultra reliable SSD-NVMe Storage you should get the ultimate web hosting performance from a Australia server cloud hosting service, which will be the ideal solution. Even as a business owner you do not have to spend a fortune when getting started with the affordable SeekaHost web hosting services with world class servers based in Australia. 

We use premium servers in prime locations at Australia and ensure that the servers are monitored and maintained 24/7. With an uninterrupted power supply and network availability of 99.9%, we are certain your website hosting will not disappoint and constant climate control ensures that the Australian servers run smoothly. 

If you are an agency based in Australia or targeting Australian customers that require hosting thousands of websites for SEO services or your client’s sites, it’s vital to get managed WordPress Hosting with the latest SeekaHost Blog Hosting Control Panel. SeekaHost offers WP Hosting plans that are suitable for anyone and that makes managing all websites in one place super fast and easy. 

SeekaHost offers the most affordable hosting for blogs, which can be hosted on multiple Australia-based servers. So, if you are an agency or business looking for Australia-based VPS or dedicated servers, you can get in touch with our SeekaHost technical advisers.


Server Location - Australia Hosting for Australian Visitors


Our target is to bring Australian business owners together to build a strong community of web hosting services at the highly secured data centers in Australia. The reason why we compel on such scenario is taken after understanding the long case studies with top-level SEO experts. The digital people had seen the best results when the web hosting is close quarters to the accessible business audience. 

The Australia servers are configured with the latest technologies by highly intelligent and top-class server specialists for high performance with multi-level security. The setup also guarantees regular backups along with disaster recovery, which enables your data security even if there’s an unthinkable happens.

Our user-friendly approach always involves knowledge sharing with you to make every process understandable and do-it-yourself. In case, you find the process to be hard, then just sit back and have a chat with our technical support who spend ample time with you and sort things as quickly as possible.

How to buy domain and web hosting for Australia based business?

SeekaHost Domain Services offer .au domains at the best ever price in the market. While ordering the web hosting package, you can register the domain on the go. The advantage of having a domain and hosting at the same place, which is in SeekaHost, we manage everything for you with respect to configuration.

If you have questions about hosting your Australia-based business websites on a web hosting server in Australia, get in touch with [email protected], or contact us via live chat for a free consultation.

You can reach out to Live Chat and book a free 10-minute consultation to look at your business website and identify where it is hosted and what would be the best business website hosting solution available.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For a business based in Australia, it’s vital to host your websites on a server close to you in Australia. Our servers are based in ?, to offer the closest proximity for the end user of the website (the customers and visitors). The Australia-based servers will load your business websites quickly and provide the highest SEO advantages and benefits.

The SeekaHost flagship business hosting package which starts from just £12 per month and £139 annually is the best allrounder when it comes to web hosting, no matter where you are. You can host one website or if you need to host more than 1 website you can pick multisite hosting packages. Talk to our live chat support for assistance.

Absolutely. At SeekaHost we offer the fastest WordPress Website Hosting plans as we are experts at using WordPress and all their essential features as a content management system. We also offer a blog hosting control panel with many additional features at the lowest prices for WordPress web hosting in Australia.

Yes, you will get a free domain when you buy an annual business hosting package.

Live chat support is available 24/7 all year around, and the web consultant is available on demand to answer your questions. You will get access to a personal web consultant with your hosting package via your client area in your account.