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Guest blogging is one of the best ways to gain SEO advantages for a website or blog. Many UK bloggers and bloggers in India are searching for the best free guest posting sites list to get their guest posts published.


Guest posting services help anyone with a website to get their content published on other websites to get backlinks, which are a great reference and lead to more exposure and lead generation. It also helps with ranking the website higher on Google and other search engines and many SEO experts have shown how guest posting helps them rank their websites higher, like top London SEO agency ClickDo, who have also published a guide about guest blogging.

How does Guest Posting work?

Search engines use backlinks to establish the quality of a web page or blog post. When it comes to ranking higher on the first page of their search engines results page, the search engine mechanism lists websites and web pages or posts higher for a search term that have been linked to by authoritative websites as a reference.

Guest blogging enables you to take control of this process and generate backlinks on relevant websites that are of high-quality and that you trust (as well as the search engines).

SEO expert Fernando Raymond has written many guides on how to build backlinks and how to utilize private blogs to create backlinks. If you haven’t read it, go and read how to create backlinks from blogs to understand the science behind it.

Why should you use Guest Posting?


You probably found this list post on Google, and it ranks for the search term you have entered as it was linked to in published guest posts with this term as an anchor text. You can check the backlinks with SEO tools such as Ahrefs, but when you set up a website with, you can connect your website and account with Clicky to see which of your content gets the most organic search traffic, indicating what ranks well.

Build solid web references

So, guest blogging helps you get referencing links and with a strategic approach, this can make a huge difference to your website’s performance. Some websites even pay for guest contributions and such publications can also boost your personal and business brand.

That is why guest posting matters and many SEO and marketing professionals look for guest posting opportunities in their or their client’s niches.

At SeekaHost we regularly write about blogging, but we did not have a list of guest blogging sites before. This is about to change as we want to support all website owners and bloggers as best as possible.

Make your content reach further

The websites you find in this list offer guest publication options and you could get published for free if you pitch professionally written articles that offer valuable insights and expert tips. However, it is important to get the pitch right and to choose the most suitable websites carefully to achieve the best outcomes with the guest blogging campaign.

Therefore, our expert team has put together the best guest posting websites with a higher domain authority and rating, that are professionally managed and marketed. Only the best and most relevant written content can get published here and no spun content or copied duplicate content is ever published as the aim is to make these blogs and websites successful, attracting thousands of visitors monthly with a higher domain authority.

Publish with the most trusted Publications

We have seen many guest posting websites getting deindexed on Google due to publishing duplicate content or following black hat SEO techniques such as “link-sticking”. Nobody benefits from such practices and only informative and well-researched content can win. So, make sure you follow the guidelines of these websites when submitting your guest post for review.

SeekaHost is here to support the SEO community and all the top bloggers with getting their content promoted on the listed websites with references. If you want to learn more about SEO content writing and blogging, you should check out courses for digital entrepreneurship (some are accessible for free via

As you know we all guest post for a core reason: to get exposure on the web and backlinks to our own sites we want to rank higher on search engines.

So, have a look at the list of top guest posting blogs and what they offer. Choose the websites that are suitable for your content to be published and reach out to them with a good pitch. We have added the domain authority (based on the SEMRush tool metrics) for your reference, but what really matters is relevancy. Often, these sites grow and gain higher authority over time, so it is worth getting published on as many as possible to extend your online reach.

Top 62 Guest Posting Sites List for Blogging

Many are likely to blog about business-related topics, so we start off with a selection of high-quality business online magazines to get featured on, reaching a suitable audience.

1. eBusiness Blog

eBusiness Blog is a popular blogging site in the UK where you can find the latest news based on eBusiness, technology, cryptocurrency, finance, marketing, and other recent online business trends. The editors are eager to accept expert guest blogs and it is the finest platform to build backlinks.

Domain Authority: 45

2. UK Business Blog

UK Business Blog is the leading business blogging site, that welcomes UK and general business news and insights. The guest posts will be carefully selected, and the professional editors can publish your blog with the perfect On-Page SEO techniques to rank higher.

Domain authority: 48

3. I Do Business Blog

If you are in the UK and looking to build backlinks with a highly authorized and professional business blog, then here is your secret tip. The I Do Business blog always welcomes quality guest posts and provides backlinks requested. Whatever your blog may be about, if you convince the editors to publish it, your blog will be step closer to be in the first position of search results pages.

Domain authority: 38

4. Live Business Blog

Live Business Blog is a fine business platform that attracts readers with an interest in local and international business news. You can accordingly submit guest posts about your local business, or your international business expertise and the editors will get it live for the growing audience to read.

Domain authority: 39

5. The Business View Blog


The Business View is one of the blogging sites that attains its top rankings by the perfect SEO content strategy. If you are looking to improve your ranking with the best backlinks, then you can submit your guest blogs to this site to get it live.

Domain authority: 38

6. UK Business Magazine


UK Business Magazine is a trending business website that can accept all UK based business bloggers guest posts. Your blog can be based on business, technology, finance, lifestyle, cryptocurrency, or CBD once they accept your posts, then you don’t need to worry about the backlinks. The professionals are well trained to rank your blog in the top position with the perfect On-Page SEO strategies.

Domain authority: 38

7. ClickDo Internet Marketing Blog

For Marketers this is the go-to blog to share your insights and news with the internet marketing community. ClickDo’s business marketing tips are renowned and trusted and getting published on the Internet Marketing Blog gives a massive credibility and SEO boost to your blog or website or your author profile online, so pitch your article to the team today.

Domain authority: 48

8. ClickDo Business News Blog

ClickDo’s Business News Blog covers everything to do with business. Whether it’s business finance, regulation, law, technology, management – whatever you are a business expert in, you can share with this established business community.

Domain authority: 48

9. ClickDo Home Business Blog

Remote work and working from home have become the new normal, especially since the last Covid pandemic. The Home Business Blog therefore covers emerging trends, concepts and news surrounding this growing topic and welcomes expert insights and opinions to share with the remote work community.

Domain authority: 48

10. UK Business List Blog


Any business owner should feature their business on the UK Business List to gain an SEO boost to the root domain of their business website, but also to make their brand known to a wider audience. On the directory’s blog anyone can contribute business tips and insights that are relevant for the business audience in the UK to further boost their services and products.

Domain authority: 38

11. London Business News Blog


London Business News is one of the finest business blogging websites in the UK. Here you can find blogs and content related to business, education, entertainment, and especially latest news and lifestyle trends in London. They appreciate insider guest blog pitches about any London and UK related trending topics as well as entrepreneur interviews or Q&As and news releases.

Domain authority: 38

12. Fernando Raymond Business Blog

Fernando Raymond is a modern entrepreneur in London, who owns and manages ClickDo and SeekaHost with other experienced professionals. He always appreciates input from youngsters who are making money in their own way, and he also accepts guest posts on his blog website related to business or digital marketing. Once your content is approved and published, it will certainly achieve a higher position with the best SEO strategies.

Domain authority: 38

13. Businessmen’s Edition Blog

Business Men’s Edition is one of the trending business blog websites where you can find all the updates in business trends and technologies. If you wish to post your guest post here, pitch your topic idea first for approval by the editors as they will expect high quality content.

Domain authority: 40

14. Biz Diggers Blog

If you dig biz news, then this website is for you. Any biz digger is welcome to present their business news here to inform other biz diggers about the latest business trends, developments, innovations, and progress. Entrepreneurs and business owners can also share their expertise and advice. Simply pitch your content ideas via the contact form and you’ll be featured in no time.

Domain authority: 40

15. The Business Research Hub Blog

The Business Research Hub aims to provide information about the latest business trends through studies, research and statistics that anyone can share with the editors as long as the sources are reliable. Guest bloggers can also comment or critique business research or findings and analyse them from their perspective. The platform serves as a ground for business exchanges and dialogs.

Domain authority: 40

16. The Internet Home Business Blog

With a growing internet business and home business industry this internet home business blog platform serves to create more awareness about this emerging sector. Anyone working in this industry can discuss their insights and views on this blog and share their relevant content through guest posting. Simply get in touch with the editorial team and you’ll become an author here.

Domain authority: 40

For those who blog about more local UK and London topics, the following websites are most suitable for your guest content contributions in different niches.

17. UK Tech Blog

UK Tech Blog is one of the finest blogging sites who can accept guest posts on all the business, finance, crypto, education, and tech related topics. If you are looking to post your blog, then you can choose this site, which is one of the best tech blogging sites from ClickDo, a leading digital marketing agency in London.

Domain authority: 50

18. UK News Blog

This British Trending News Magazine covers UK affairs and events, but it also offers opportunities for anyone to share their news through guest blogging. Press releases and interviews are also accepted formats on this website and as a platform all submissions will serve the purpose of informing readers about timely matters in the news realm.

Domain authority: 50

19. UK Education Blog

Anyone keen on education news in the UK and beyond will find this expert platform useful to share their education insights, tips, and trends. Many teachers, educators, tutors, students, and other education experts have shared their knowledge via the UK Education Blog, where some trending articles have received thousands of views.

Domain authority: 50

20. UK Magz Blog

UK Magz is one of the up-and-coming lifestyle and tech magazines in the UK, that covers various topics like entertainment, home and living, marketing and much more. If your blog post is relevant for a UK audience, then you can get your pitch approved by the editors.

Domain authority: 40

21. London Local News Blog

London Local News is the best platform to know all the recent activities and trends in London. Your posts based on the London city will be accepted here and the professionals are well trained to make your blog look good and appear on the first position in SERPs. No matter your topic and content, if your it is approved then your blog will attain its best position in a short time with the best backlinks.

Domain authority: 38

22. Yoda London Blog


If you are in London, and looking to post your London content, then you might consider YodaLondon. The blogging site consists of several blogs that are related to London city. You can share your London insights and tips to get your article up on this platform.

Domain authority: 39

23. London On Blog

London On is one of the finest blogging platforms for anything to do with London. Whether you are a London based business, a London blogger or just simply a writer who has something to report about London and the UK, get in touch with the team to get your post live.

Domain authority: 33

24. London Out Loud Blog

London Out Loud is the best London Lifestyle magazine to know about all the trends, events, and cultural developments in London. Whether you’re looking to share insights for a great night out or some ideas on leisure activities in London, you can pitch your London insider topics to the editors and you’re on your way to be featured here.

Domain authority: 24

25. Ohs Scotland Blog


Ohs Scotland is a UK and Scotland related blogging site, where you can post your guest blogs based on business, lifestyle, finance, crypto, entertainment and other local news. Simply submit your article with your pitch and it will be up in no time.

Domain authority: 32

26. Government Online UK Blog


If you are a reader in the UK, then you might have come across this website. As the name suggests, this is not a government website, but you can get recent updates and news about the UK government. The Government Online UK accepts guest blogs but your content should be well-researched, informative, and relevant.

Domain authority: 38

For those looking for more general news blogs or very niche blogs, this section will feature some suitable options for you.

27. Green Living Blog

The Green Living Blog has been established to create and spread awareness about environmental changes and issues. Any guest posts based on environmental, green, and sustainable aspects are welcome, and this blog is quickly growing to become an influential eco-magazine. You can get a solid backlink with relevant traffic for your blog and website

Domain authority: 30

28. BN Magazine Blog

If you are looking to post your content on a news magazine platform with good SEO strategies in place, then BN Magazine is for you. The experts in BN Magazine will review your content and optimize it for better ranking and they will publish your content with the highly authorized backlinks.

Domain authority: 19

29. A Rush Blog


A Rush is a blogging website for all kinds of trending topics and you can find more business and tech related niches here. It is important to optimize your blog with high quality content to get approved.

Domain authority: 13

30. Haze Magazine Blog


Haze Magazine helps you to attain organic traffic with the best backlinks, if your posts have been approved before publishing. The SEO experts will work smarter to push your ranking, and this is a UK based blogging website that accepts guest blogs from all over the world.

Domain authority: 32

31. Leather Stops Blog


Leather Stops is a one-of-a-kind blogging site where you can find blogs about business, technology, and cryptocurrency updates and all the trading strategies. If your blog is about trading, then you can easily get approved for guest blogging.

Domain authority: 36

32. News of the Hour Blog

Are you looking to share general news or tips? Then you should start with guest blogging at the News of the Hour blog. It welcomes and accepts all kinds of guest post topics that are newsworthy as the main goal is to keep the readers well informed and educated

Domain authority: 44

33. Hostinganl Blog

Hostinganl is the blogging site where you can find all the information about technology, hosting and other website development strategies. Any tech writer or webmaster should get an article published here to promote their work or experience and expertise.

Domain authority: 8

34. Pitlane Vision Blog


Pitlane Vision is a general blogging site, where guest posts from all over the world covering various topics are accepted. No matter your news, if you have high-quality content then your blog will be published with the best SEO strategies.

Domain authority: 17

35. Inside Cruise Blog

Inside Cruise a lifestyle news blogging website that attracts more visitors each month with highly customized content. The editors will accept the content which is strong enough both technically and professionally and meets their requirements.

Domain authority: 12

36. Wind Surfing Blog


Wind Surfing is a trending lifestyle blogging platform that helps many people to post their ideas and experiences. They believe that guest blogging can encourage a everyone to learn and write more about the trends and tips that improve their knowledge.

Domain authority: 10

37. Guide to Rough Times Blog

As the name suggests, the platform allows many users to post their blog on the website if they share useful insights. The content published aims to help others going through rough times, so they named the site Guide to Rough Times. If you are planning to post an article based on your lifestyle insider tips, then you can pitch your ideas to this platform.

Domain authority: 13

38. Blogrovr Blog

Blogrovr is a well-maintained website, where trending topics are posted regularly. The SEO experts will screen all the best ranking strategies and they are working smart to maintain their and their client’s reputation. You do not worry about the ranking and backlinks if your blog is published on this site.

Domain authority: 35

39. ICG Nutrition Blog

If you are looking to post your guest blogs about health and nutrition, then ICG Nutrition is the best platform. Here you can find all the health-related articles with effective solutions and expert tips and hacks.

Domain authority: 10

40. The Widest Web Blog

The Widest Web attracts readers from all over the world because of the high quality and informative content about the world wide web. Many bloggers are also posting their guest blogs regularly to get organic traffic through backlinks as this platform provides a space for everything to do with the internet.

Domain authority: 40

41. Baby Gifts Blog

Baby Gifts is one the best platforms for guest posts especially about parenting or lifestyle topics. If you are a new blogger and wish to publish your lifestyle ideas, then this is the perfect website for you. Baby Gifts encourages bloggers to write about parenting, childhood, education, health and much more.

Domain authority: 13

42. Premier Rouge Ltd. Blog


Premier Rouge Ltd is one of the finest UK blogging sites that is eager to accept guest blogs and you can display your ideas in your content freely. The content should be submitted to be approved before publishing, but as it’s a general blog, any topic will work.

Domain authority: 32

43. Simon Caldwell Blog

Simon Caldwell is a personal blogging site covering various topics, so bloggers of all backgrounds can make a name for themselves here. They will only accept blog posts with perfect quality content that can be optimized for traffic growth so get your pitch right.

Domain authority: 38

44. Kingfisher Railtours Blog

Kingfisher Railtours is a blogging website where you can find articles based on business, business tips, home and living, and about the environment and society. If your blog is based on these topics, then you will get approval easily.

Domain authority: 33

45. Lisa’s Bridal Wear Blog

Lisa’s Bridal Wear allows guest bloggers to share their own ideas on much more than just weddings. If you have any guest post, contact the editors through the contact form and you will get a reply soon with a positive answer to get your guest post up.

Domain authority: 33

46. Old Millhouse Inn Blog

Old Millhouse Inn is a general blogging website that will accept all the guest blogs based on business, technology, health, startup tips, and even about entertainment and lifestyle. Your content should be highly informative to get approved.

Domain authority: 37

47. Waterski Skeggy Blog

Waterski Skeggy enjoys unique and trending content that attracts readers from all walks of life. If you are looking to post your guest blogs, then this is a good platform to start with. You can also follow their social media profiles and pages.

Domain authority: 32

48. Open Stages Blog

Are you an entertainment or lifestyle blogger? Are you searching for the best blogging site to post your first content? Then Open Stages might be your best choice, as the editors encourage new and established bloggers to contribute to this open platform and they will optimize the content to improve your website traffic.

Domain authority: 16

49. Murielle’s Garden Blog

For all nature lovers the Murielle’s Garden environment blog offers a platform to exchange gardening, farming, home and living and environment insights, tips, and trends. Anyone who is into any of these topics can make a content contribution by pitching their ideas and suggestions for new stories to the editors via their contact form and the acceptance rate is high so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Domain authority: 23

50. The Greatest Blog

The Greatest Blog offers the perfect ground for all bloggers to come together to share their hot news, no matter what topic, trend, or news. It aims to provide a wide range of content to offer something for everyone out there and every taste. All it takes to get your article approved for publication here is to be creative, so go and contact the team right away!

Domain authority: 40

51. The Blogger’s Exchange Blog

As the name suggests, the blogger’s exchange platform serves to unite bloggers all over the world for networking, outreach, and collaboration. Apart from regular guest posting, bloggers are encouraged to share information about their businesses or opportunities so that the community can reach out to each other and work together. It should be utilized to bring bloggers together and provide many collaboration opportunities.

Domain authority: 19

52. Why Natural Health Blog

Anything to do with a healthy lifestyle can be covered on the Why Natural Health blog. This can include topics like dental health, wellness, entertainment, leisure, and much more as physical health is closely linked with mental health and overall happiness. Get your creative juices flowing and submit your masterpiece here to gain more exposure.

Domain authority: 10

53. Furniture Deal UK Blog

Home improvement, DIY, home and living and anything to do with home décor and interior and exterior design can be covered on the Furniture Deal UK blog. Even home office or co-living topics are suitable so if you enjoy writing about lifestyle tips for the home and living spaces then this is the right publication for you.

Domain authority: 10

54. Rings Around The World Blog

As the name suggests, the Rings around the World blog covers any topic from anywhere around this globe. Your pitch should therefore not be hard, but smart and unique to draw in the attention of the editors. Get published here to increase your brand visibility.

Domain authority: 34

Some reading this guide may already have established a solid domain authority and online presence with good references and would probably look for more established publications.
At SeekaHost we can support you with getting your guest post into extremely influential magazines and publications in different niches. It’s very hard to get your guest content accepted here for publication, but with our expertise, we can achieve this and help you boost your SEO and content marketing at the highest level.
Get in touch with us if you are interested in being featured in any of the following publications.



A great and prestigious publication for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to share their knowledge and expertise with this global business audience of over 3 million. You can become an author and publish your opinion pieces in your own name, reaching many more readers with

Domain authority: 82

56. covers not only business-related news, but also success stories and current affairs, so whatever you may want to contribute here, it would of course need to be timely and insightful to please its vast audience of nearly 80 million readers and we can help with the content curation.

Domain authority: 86



The magazine is mostly known for its business coverage, but it covers various news and general topics too so whatever it is you want to be recognised for, here you can reach over 3 million readers with your guest content, which can get approved for publication through our capable communication.

Domain authority: 81

58. features opinion pieces, national and international news so here you can choose you’re your favourite topic with revealing or exclusive insights to get published and reach hundreds of thousands of readers and we’ll support you with getting it live.

Domain authority: 76

59. Market Business News


A great business magazine for all industries, but particularly finance, tech, and science. Make sure to focus your guest content for on what matters for your brand to convey the best business message to the nearly one million readers, which we can support you with to get it up.

Domain authority: 60

60. European Business Review


If you’re interested in reaching a wider European business audience, then a publication on the website is ideal for your guest post. With our support you can curate a relevant opinion or featured piece that will be relevant for the thousands of readers here.

Domain authority: 72

Make your Outreach Campaign a success with these Guest Posting Sites

You’ve now reached the end of our guest posting sites list, but that does not mean it’s the end of your outreach campaign, in fact, it’s just the beginning. We can help you with getting published on all the listed sites here and more, but to make your outreach campaign truly successful, you also need to understand how to optimise your content for SEO to rake in the benefits of your guest contributions. At SeekaHost we want all website owners to make their online presence a hit. We therefore offer support with guest post content creation, optimisation, pitching and publication to ensure the content is accepted and effective. Because at the end of the day, your guest blogging should benefit you as an author, your website and your brand and for that customised content marketing strategies matter.