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Are you looking for “web hosting in Sri Lanka” to host your business website or personal blog? – if the answer is yes, you are on the right webpage.

Web-Hosting-Sri-LankaWe launched the exclusive site for web hosting Sri Lanka to offer the cheap web hosting packages for the motherland of Fernando Raymond.

You can see on my personal website fernandoraymond.com I’m on a mission to get 100 million people online by providing domains, web hosting and education via my online platforms.

So that’s why all the Seekahosters have decided to provide the best support to host Sri Lankan’s website with the latest hosting technologies at an affordable price.

Why we offer cheap web hosting in Sri Lanka?

SeekaHostWe want to make sure everyone in Sri Lanka can get online with a personal blog or business website. So, we offer the best WordPress web hosting services in Sri Lanka that no other web hosting company in Sri Lanka offers.

SeekaHost is not just a hosting company, we are a powerful business network that provides all the support with integrated web solutions. So by joining SeekaHost, you get access to enjoy an integrated web solution.

The Sri Lankan web hosting services market is bad when it comes to customer support and how they take care of the websites they host.

I’ve tested many of the web hosting companies in Sri Lanka and non-offer an educational platform and how-to guides on getting online and succeeding online. No many even offer 24/7 online chat support.

What’s the point in getting online with website or blog if you do not know how to get the reach you need to communicate with the target audience?

That’s why SeekaHost gives every user the online SEO training course for free so they can learn the vital search engine optimization skills.

Ask on the SeekaHost live chat support to get your free coupon code for the online SEO training course, once you purchased a hosting package. The course will show you how to start a blog and with step by step video tutorials, top create your website.

You can read my guide on 7 Steps How to Create a Website on WordPress (Beginners guide to build a WordPress site)

Also, see how to register a domain name if you need help with that to get online.

Is SeekaHost better than Lanka web hosting?

The answer is YES but let me explain to you why we are better than any other lank web hosting services companies based in Sri Lanka.

When it comes to WordPress hosting in Sri Lanka SeekaHost offers the cheapest and fastest loading hosting packages.

How do we do that?

The hosting servers are based in Singapore so it’s the closest proximity for a Sri Lanka based website which gets traffic from Sri Lanka.

And if you want to host your websites in European server, American or even Canadian server because your website targets those countries then you can select which country server you want to host in.


You can check on the SeekaHost Sri Lanka website for prices in Sri Lanka rupees.

Our WordPress hosting comes with one-click installers and ready to take your domain online.

SeekaHost offers free hosting for first year when you register your domain names on seekahost.com

Top 3 Web hosting packages for Sri Lankans

Whether you are looking to host a small personal website/blog or a large business website we have various packages.

Below I have listed the top 3 best hosting packages for Sri Lankans.

hosting-for-Sri-LankansThe prices may be changed at the time of you checking the website, however, you can ask for the best hosting packages and discounts by emailing to me at fernando@seekahost.com

The above web hosting packages are listed on seekahost.lk as of 30.10.2019 and we aim to provide the best prices throughout the year 2020.

Now let’s looks each hosting plan.

Personal web hosting: this plan is ideal for anyone who wishes to start a personal website or blog. Ideally traffic from 500 to 3000 visitors per month.

The prices range from Rs. 150 per month onwards depending your space requirements. We offer tailored personal hosting plans and that you can ask on live chat or by emailing to support@seekahost.com

Below you can see the seekahost.com prices for the personal website hosting plans.


Above prices are in $s and ideal for anyone if they are happy to pay in $s and get the best hosting services.

Next, we have the business website hosting: These packages are designed to help local businesses in Sri Lanka get online fast with best hosting services.

The prices are cheap, and you will get free access to the online digital marketing academy courses when you purchase an annual business hosting plan.


Ask anything on our live chat support and we are 24/7 available.

You can call us for any questions and support for web hosting in Sri Lanka.

More details and packages are on its way and we are on a mission to help 100,000 personal and business owners in Sri Lanka to host with peace.

If you are looking for web domain and hosting, visit https://www.seekahost.com/ and get your domain first and email to us to get the free website hosting package for the first year for your business.

Switch to SeekaHost Sri Lanka web hosting

We provide free migration and support when you decided to move your domain name and host your website with SeekaHost.

Enquire via email from support@seekahost.com more details or call me to know everything about moving to SeekaHost Sri Lanka.

Your domain names and hosting will be looked after with support services like email hosting, website backups, security and complete maintenance by our Sri Lankan web hosting specialist.

Does any other hosting company in Sri Lanka offer personal consultants?

SeekaHostBy moving to SeekaHost, you can have a personal web consultant like Kasun Sameera and his personally trained staff to help you with everything online.

If you are looking to host with SeekaHost or switch to SeekaHost, email to me or call me by booking a callback appointment.

We are here to help all the Sri Lankans get online by providing integrated online solutions.

So now you know where to go when you are looking for low-cost web hosting in Sri Lanka.

Difference Between Unique IP and Dedicated IP Address

Difference between Unique and Dedicated IP


Difference between Unique and Dedicated IP

In this article, we have explained the difference between the Unique and Dedicated IP address. Before getting into the topic, let us start with what is meant by IP.

What is an IP?

IP stands for ‘Internet Protocol’. The IP address is a sequence of numbers that is assigned to every website that can access the internet with respect to hosting. You can use the what’s my IP address to find your IP address.

Unique IP

A Unique IP is an IP address that is allocated to a specific domain. This means only one website can reside on it and if the same owner has another website, the IP will not be repeated. For example, if an owner has 5 websites, each website will have different IP allocated.

Unique IPs can be bought on our website here.

Advantages of Unique IP

  • The website can be more stable and reliable.
  • If you are having a unique IP address, the website doesn’t get affected by the other sites that are on the same server.
  • Better than using the Shared IP address.
  • In SEO perspective, backlinks from websites hosted with Unique IPs gives a boost to the landing website.

Now, you have come to know what is meant by Unique IP and its advantages. Let’s know what is meant by the Dedicated IP Address and its advantages.

Dedicated IP

A Dedicated IP address is exclusively the user’s one. The user can choose to serve different sites from that IP address. But, ultimately you will be in the control who’s using it.

Advantages of Dedicated IP

  • Ease of Accessibility
  • Unlike Shared Hosting IP, the Security threat of another website hosted in the same IP can be avoided.
  • The higher level of server control.
  • Down Time will be less.

Dedicated IP for Hosting Packages

A dedicated IP address can improve your site speed if your site has been lagging due to other sites who are sharing the same IP address. Also, having a dedicated IP address for a site can get avoided by blocking or blacklisting or spam as well. It will be good for a business identity.

If you are a registered user in SeekaHost and have any queries to be clarified or issues to be sorted, you can raise a ticket through client area dashboard or email to support@seekahost.com. For immediate interaction or guidelines, contact our support team available in LiveChat at the right bottom corner of the website.

What is .htaccess File? – Uses, Advantage, and Disadvantage

htaccess - uses advantages and disadvantages

What is .htaccess File?

.htaccess file is a short name of Hypertext Access. It is a configuration file, used mostly by Apache web servers that control the directory. If you are using Content Management Systems with such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla you can easily encounter .htaccess file. These kind of files are able to make the edit within it to add rules, which is supported by several web servers. In this article, we are going to emphasize what is .htaccess file and how to use it.

In simple words, .htaccess is a file which is will be executed before every request on your domain/webserver.

Generally, these files are located at the root of your domain. We can use .htaccess files for various type of restriction and to use various apache settings without changing the main php.ini.file

Creating a .htaccess file

You can create .htaccess file using any text editor such as TextPad, Ultra Edit, WordPad, etc.,

Example of default .htaccess file of WordPress,

# BEGIN WordPress

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

# END WordPress

Uploading a .htaccess file

Once after creating it, you need to upload it, which can be done using FTP. When uploading, it is important you need to upload the file in ‘ASCII’ mode. These type of files are transferred using ‘BINARY’. It is likely your FTP software will default to “BINARY’. So look for a ‘Transfer Mode or Transfer Type’. In another way, you can upload .htaccess file through cPanel if you have access to it. In cPanel, you have to upload .htaccess file under “public_html” directory.

Why .htaccess file is hidden and how to find it?

Filenames that start with a dot ( . ) are hidden files, which directly means you cannot directly view this file in the default interface.

If you would like to access .htaccess file, Your FTP client or File Manager will have a setting like “show hidden files.” Name of the options might vary based on different platforms that you try to use, but is usually in “Preferences”, “Settings”, “Folder Options” or “View” menu.

Advantages of using .htaccess file

  1. Mod_Rewrite
  2. Authentication
  3. Custom Error Pages
  4. Mime Types
  5. SSI (Server Side Includes)
  6. Redirects
  7. Restricting users based on IP
  8. Leveraging Browser Caching
  9. Enabling CORS
  10. Hotlink Protection

Disadvantages of using .htaccess file

There are two major things which must be aware is the speed and security of the site.

      1. Speed:

At sometimes, .htaccess page may slow down the website. This is because of the location of the portal of the page. It leads to affect on pages in its directory and all directories under it. If in case you have access to httpd.conf file, then it is recommended to do modification over httpd.conf server file.

     2. Security:

.htaccess file allows the individual users to add/modify the configuration or rules of a server, which pulls out some of the security concerns through it, if in case it not properly handled.

How to Enable Mod-Rewrite Module?

Enable Mod Rewrite Module

You can enable mod_rewrite by adding the following line in the .htaccess file of your website.

RewriteEngine On

You can customize the rules below this rule based on your requirement.

For example, I have provided you the rules for force Http to Https redirection through .htaccess which is added below RewriteEngine rule.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

Content Management System like WordPress by default will have RewriteEngine ON in their .htaccess file. Below you can see the default .htaccess file of WordPress. If you would like to add the above https redirection line, then you can add it before # END WordPress

# BEGIN WordPress
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
# END WordPress

How To View and Edit .Htaccess in cPanel:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Select “File Manager” Option
  3. Click on “Settings” on the right top corner of your cPanel interface.
  4. Select the Checkbox “Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)” to view .htaccess file.
  5. Right Click on .htaccess file and use the edit option to do modification in the file.

How Web Hosting Affects SEO And Boost Ranks On Google


It is really very challenging to launch the website with the right web hosting company because if you haven’t got the right web hosting it will affect your website’s search engine optimization and gaining optimal ranking on the web.


While choosing the web hosting company, have you ever thought, “How the web hosting can affect website ranking?”


How Web Hosting Affects SEO?

Needless to say that after launching the website, you will like to rank it in top Google search results. But, it is not very easy as it sounds.

Even, you put your best efforts for SEO, but may not get the expected results if you have chosen the wrong web hosting service. Because all the web hosting companies don’t guarantee that the website will also be well ranked in search results.

The hosting service you are selecting should not be like you are paying the full annual amount of hosting and not getting any SEO results.

I am not saying that ranking completely depends on hosting service, but it is a small factor that may impact the ranking to some extent.

Thus, it is important that you know what can be the SEO downsides of wrong web hosting.

  1. Server location –

The server location tells Google that in which geographic location, the website is hosted. If you want to target UK users and you have hosted the website on the server outside of the UK, then it has fewer chances of getting ranked in UK search results. Because most of the UK users will surely use google.co.uk as their primary search engine.

Some website owners host their website at cheap rates without focusing on the location of the server. But this mistake may sometimes keep them aside from the SEO benefits. If your business belongs to eCommerce, then the wrong server location may cause low annual revenue because of low traffic.

Thus, the best thing is to host the website in your targeting location and if you are targeting multiple region/country then prefer multiregional domains. If still you are confused about “Should I host my website in my country or another”, you may watch this video by Matt Cutt.

2. Speed of website –

In the long list of 200 ranking factors, page loading speed is one of the important factors.  Generally, the users expect the site to be loaded in less than 2 seconds. A little delay in page loading time can cause the visitors to immediately leave your website.


However, website speed is can be affected by a lot of factors such as web page size, unnecessary javascript, size of images etc, but wrong hosting is one of the factors generally ignored by most website owners.

In shared hosting, the hardware resources are limited. If a lot of requests are coming at a time, the server will be overloaded and show the error “Try Again”. When this error comes repeatedly, it is noticed by search engines resulting in the negative SEO impacts. It will also irritate the users and they will never come back to your website.

Therefore, the website loading speed must not be overlooked. Research properly before choosing the server and pick the one which is less busy and provides enough resources to handle all the visitors at a time without giving any error.

3. Downtime/Uptime

Downtime is “the time in which the users can’t access your website due to the server problems”. But search engines are completely unaware about the downtime of your website and they have no scheduled time for crawling the website. They can crawl it at any time, which means that your website should be available for 24*7 hours.


When the crawler repeatedly finds your website unavailable, then it will be marked as unreliable consequently downgrading the rankings in search results. On the other side, the unavailability of the website also vitiates the performance when users don’t find it.

4. IP address

In a shared hosting server, all the website uses the same IP address. If this IP address is used for other over-promotional or suspicious activities, then your website may get penalized. Thus, make sure there are no such activities on the shared server you have hosted your website.

5. Connection Failure

While browsing, you may have seen the errors like “Internal server error”, “Connection failed”. These errors are due to the slow internet connection or server issues.

When the server is overloaded with bulk requests, it will show the connection error which is probably not liked by search engines as well as users. Thus, to have a good user experience and ranking, ensure that your website is free from such kind of connection errors.

How you can choose the right SEO friendly web hosting service 

It is obvious that all the web hosting service providers are not good in all terms. So, am giving you some tips about how you can choose the ideal SEO friendly web hosting service provider.

  • The reputation of hosting company – Before you decide to take hosting service, firstly see the reputation of the company in the market. Is it providing SEO friendly web hosting services or not?
  • Past customer reviews – Take a look at what the past customers are saying about the company. Whether they are satisfied with the service or not?
  • Years of experience – No doubt that the quality of hosting services would be better of the company which is existing over the years than the new one which has recently established.
  • Your requirements – Deeply think about what you exactly need in your website and decide which hosting package would be perfect. 


Today’s SEO is all about to provide better user experience to the visitors. SEO is not just to optimize the website for content and gaining backlinks. If you want the best results, you should not miss even a single chance of getting ranking benefits. Website hosting is one of the factors that should not be ignored. A wrong choice of web hosting can lead to negative SEO impacts. Hence, choose the right one which meets all your requirements and also optimal for SEO purpose.

Read: What Should I Check Before Opting A New Web Hosting – A Complete Guide

What is WordPress Hosting and how does it help?

WordPress Hosting

The purpose of WordPress Hosting is to optimize and fulfil the performance, preferences and security parameters of WordPress.

It’s being extensively preferred by many developers and users to cater to various factors like reliability, speed, security and much more.

WordPress Hosting

How do WordPress hosting works

What Is WordPress One-Click Install Feature

One can start using WordPress with just one click install feature. You don’t have to copy files into the server or creating a database.

Even you won’t have to worry about writing code to connect the database.

Just one click and rest will be taken care of. From copying files to the server, connecting a database, creating tables in the database almost everything will be done through a script from cPanel.

The benefits one gain WordPress hosting are convincing enough to make you go for the same.

WordPress Hosting benefits

  1. Quick loading of sites

    WordPress hosting assures you that your sites load quickly for your users thereby not affecting your traffic rate.

  2. Security

    There are accurate measures taken like installation of SSL certificate, regular scanning of files to safeguard your site against any security breach.

  3. Automatic Backups

    Even if you lack in taking a backup, you can rely upon your WordPress hosting which automatically carries out timely and regular backups.

  4. Regular Updates

    Going in for WordPress hosting helps your WordPress to get automatically updated on a regular basis with the latest versions.

4 types of WordPress hosting 

  1. Shared WordPress Hosting
  2. VPS WordPress Hosting
  3. Dedicated WordPress Hosting
  4. Managed WordPress Hosting

What is the significance of WordPress hosting?

  1. Shared WordPress Hosting

    As the name suggests, various users share a single server for hosting their own sites. The hosting company is responsible for administering over all things. Though one has to pay for it the overall cost is quite low as the server is being shared by all. One does get the benefit of unlimited storage and bandwidth but in actual, the resources designated to each site is limited and are not evenly distributed. But if your site drives low to medium traffic then shared web hosting is a good option. You also get access to cPanel and one-click installer for smoothly setting up and managing your sites.

  2. VPS WordPress Hosting

    Unlike shared web hosting, VPS hosting allocates dedicated and fixed resources to all the users individually. This makes VPS a costly affair since the server is shared by minimal users, though the users are granted to run multiple WordPress sites. VPS makes use of enhanced monitoring methods and techniques, making it more stable and speedier. WordPress sites driving a surge in traffic curve can be very well handled by VPS WordPress hosting.

  3. Dedicated WordPress Hosting

    Sites attracting the extensive level of traffic usually go in for dedicated WordPress Hosting. Moreover, the user has complete authority and control over the server and its resources. With this type of hosting, one gains high-quality performance and great reliability too. Also, there is no compromise over the website speed.

  4. Managed WordPress Hosting

    When you really don’t want to get involved in the complexity of managing the background stuff like backup, security, monitoring, regular updates or installations then Managed WordPress hosting can greatly help you to relieve from all this fuzz but at an expensive price. Corporates and business professionals who want to solely focus on their business growth and development without outsourcing people to manage all the technical stuff can be seriously benefitted from this type of hosting.

These hosting plans can be switched over depending on how your requirements and growth of business change in future or one can go for experts or professional’s advice from a WordPress hosting company prior to making a final decision.

What Should I Check Before Opting A New Web Hosting – A Complete Guide

Before you launch a new website, the most important decision is choosing an error-free web hosting service provider.

There are many web hosting buying tips by various hosting companies, however, we want to give you our guide on how to buy web hosting and what packages to choose.

There are a lot of web hosting companies in the market differing in various factors and type of services.

Thus, it is a little bit challenging to find which company would provide the ideal web hosting service for your business website.
Before you make your decision, you need to think about plenty of factors.

Important web hosting buying tips

1. Firstly, understand the types of web hosting

It is important to know about different types of web hosting services. Although there are many types of web hosting services, here I am defining only the 4 major types.

web hosting

• Free Hosting – It works well for small purpose website or blogs. It provides a limited choice for monetization because they use their own advertisements on the website.

• Shared Web Hosting – In this type of hosting, your website is hosted on the same physical server (Same IP) with other websites and the resources are shared among all these websites.

• Virtual Private Server (VPS) – Also called Virtual Dedicated Server, divide the single server into multiple virtual servers. In VPS, all the websites get a virtual set of resources, which does not reflect the other websites. It provides a virtual environment, allowing the root access to the operating system and other resources.

• Dedicated hosting service – It is good for high traffic and large business websites in which a single user occupies the whole server and has complete control over it.

2. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is defined as the amount of data that is transferred through the website at a time and it is one of the major factors that should not be neglected.

Definitely, you would like to have as more visitors as possible to your website, thus ensure that you are getting enough bandwidth even you are using shared web hosting.

3. Speed of the Website

If you are owning a shared hosting service, then the hosting company may place a lot of domains on a single server consequently degrading the performance and speed of your website.

optimizing the speed of your website

The slow loading speed of a website can cause the visitors to immediately quit. Thus, make sure that your website is getting a fast loading speed.

4. Website Requirements

To choose the top web hosting company, you need to clear your all the requirements. Based on your requirements, you have to decide which hosting service should you prefer (Shared, dedicated, VPS etc). Finally, whichever hosting service you choose, it should meet all your website requirements.

5. Pricing

Don’t try to always look for a cheaper solution. Also, the service which is highly-priced may not always be the best.

Firstly, decide what are you expecting on your website and then search for the companies and their hosting prices. Once, you decide your requirements, you can compare the prices of hosting that different companies are taking and then pick the appropriate one.

6. Customer Reviews

Before you make a decision to buy a product, you would probably like to see the customer reviews that have already used it.

customer reviews

Similarly, before you make a decision about choosing a web hosting company, it is good to take a look at the reviews of its past customers.

Customer Reviews will give you great insights into what the people are talking about a particular hosting company and what are its downfalls.

You can find the hosting companies customer reviews on forums and websites like whoishostingthis and webhostinggeeks.com.

7. Web hosting control panel

Web hosting companies allow to make changes in the website like change passwords, add or delete accounts, file transfer etc. This is offered through the different control panels like cPanel, WHM, Plesk etc. cPanel is a good option when you are adopting shared hosting. On the other side, when you are adopting VPS hosting, then Plesk is a better choice. Depending on your website requirements, you can pick the good one.

8. Scalability

In the beginning, the features that the hosting company is providing may be enough. But, in future when your business becomes large and you are getting tons of monthly visitors, then you may need some additional features. On the other side, if you have owned a highly featured plan and later you may want a less featured plan.


Thus make sure that the hosting company is ready to upgrade and downgrade the features as per your future requirements.

9. Backup service

In case, if your website gets crashed or hacked, you should have a complete backup of your website data. You need to check whether the hosting company provides the data backup regularly or not.

10. Subdomain support

Presently, your business website may be at a small level. But in the future, you may need to have a separate blog or category subdomains. Therefore, ensure that the hosting company provides support for multiple subdomains.

11. Security

The most important factor that needs to be considered while choosing the hosting company. Your website may have security vulnerabilities, which must be avoided. Use a firewall for network security and make sure the website is secure from malware and other attacks.


It is really very challenging to pick an appropriate web hosting company that exactly meets all your requirements and sometimes, it becomes a more complicated task when you also have budget constraints.

But overall, it can be done in an easy way if you properly analyze your requirements and compare the different companies, their type of services, pricing etc.

The above checklist will definitely help you to select the ideal web hosting company.

Step By Step Guide to Create an Addon domain in cPanel

Create an Addon Domain in cPanel

What is Addon domain?

Addon domain is a separate domain hosted under your primary domain. Addon domains have the full functionality as like primary domain.

You can create email addresses, forwarders, and more the same way as a primary domain on the account.

One of the main benefits for creating addon domain is that you can manage multiple domains in a single account.

Content and Files for this addon domain will be stored as a unique folder within the public_html. This domain will be created in the Cpanel account.

How to create Addon domain?

  • Login to your cPanel Account with the access given by your web hosting providers.
  • In search, type as “Addon domains”. You will have the result as below.


  • Enter the domain name that you want to add as Addon domain in New Domain Name.
  • Subdomain & Document root will be filled automatically once you entered the domain name.
  • The document root is the directory where the files will be stored. The default directory will be public_html.

  • If you want an FTP account for your Addon domain, enable the option “Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain.”
  • Enter the username and password for an FTP account and click on Add domain.


How to modify Addon domain account?

  • If you want to modify the document root, click on the edit icon for the addon domain that you want to change and enter the new file path that you wish to have and click on change.
  • To redirect your addon domain, click on Manage Redirection. Enter the link to which you want to redirect your domain and click save.

Unable to Create Addon Domain

If you are facing any issues while creating Addon Domain then it should be because of the below-mentioned reasons.

  • Ensure you have Addon Availability in your cPanel Account. On the right side of your cPanel dashboard, you could see an option like Addon where you can see the allocation.
  • Check whether you have utilized the 100% disk usage or still you have enough space to create an Addon Domain. If your disk space is more than 95%, you will face the issue in adding the Addon Domain.
  • Make sure you are not using the reserved domain names while creating the Addon domains.

If you are still facing issue in adding the Addon domain, please contact SeekaHost on 24×7 Live support and share us the error screenshot.

Our experts will help you in solving it immediately and you can proceed with that.

How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners?


Every blogger starting their career with the dream to learn how to make money blogging through it.

If you are looking to jump into it, then you must decide what kind of platform you looking for to build a blog.

Blogging is an art and it helps a lot in sharing the knowledge and information over the web.

Can I make money blogging?

It is not an easy way to make a blog, you must put some efforts to grow it effectively.

There are millions of blogs and many people have started their online careers by starting a blog.

You can see there are so many top bloggers who claim to earn millions of dollars blogging.

Just search for top bloggers in the world and you will see the pros. These are some of the top-earning blogs, that you can see here.

This article about how to make money blogging is specially written for the beginners who start their blog and looking to make money online from their blogs.

How to make money blogging?

First, you must start a blog by doing some keyword research and then get a domain name for the blog.

Build your blog on WordPress as that’s the best blogging platform. This blog is also built on WordPress so we can easily blog publish.

Design the blog in a manner it can be monetized.

Things to be Taken Care:

-> Don’t copy the articles or contents from anywhere. Make sure all your article were unique.

-> Make sure your articles are relevant to your topics and your domain. Avoid publishing irrelevant content.

-> Don’t write a 100 or 200 words articles, because it won’t have elaborate and clear answers. Also, it won’t have any satisfying content in it.

-> Elaborate your answers clearly with Images and Videos on your blog. Make sure your article is not for the words and it is only for the knowledge.


Best ways to make money blogging

Before getting into the steps mentioned below, you must have a blog by yourself. Then after you can start to money blogging.

Most of the people were worried to create a blog because they feeling it as too difficult and technical. But actually it is a simple process and you can get help from our experts to set up your own blog with SEEKAHOST.

If you want to start your blog, then just go through the simple steps in

-> https://www.seekahost.com/blog/simple-steps-to-start-your-own-website/

#1 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the efficient ways to make money online. If you recommend a product or service over online through the customized referral link, then you will get the referral commission if the purchase happens through your link.

If you are decided to start with affiliate marketing, then it is good to recommend the products or services related to your domains. Because it will be easy to promote the product or services relevant to your blog or articles. Also, affiliate marketing is available for every industry.

#2 Adsense

Adsense is another easy way to make money on your blog. There are various online service providers, who will pay you if you show some ads on your website. Google Adsense is one of the best ways to implement it and all you need is to place some scripts on your websites.

Google Adsense for bloggers

Also for WordPress websites, there are various plugins available over the web using which the space for each Advertisement will be allocated automatically. It is the pay per click process, where you will be paid for each click.

#3 Direct Ads

Instead of promoting by inserting codes or plugins or with other service providers, you can allow people to promote their business by placing an Ad on your website. Here you can charge them based on your interest like Pay per click, pay per impression, regular monthly pay or others. So get connected with the right people, promote their business in the right way and earn the profits.

#4 Sponsored Blog Post

If your blog has a good number of visitors with better authority, then people would like to get a referral through your blog as well. Because through the sponsored blog post, someone will be promoting their business by posting on your blog. This will give them some benefits like authority, a good referral, and more conversion as well.

#5 Paid Reviews

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How to Install Free SSL in cPanel?

ssl certificate

Before getting into the topic “How to Install AutoSSL in cPanel?” we should be clear about why we need to install SSL for the websites?

One of the most important backbones of online business is just creating a secured and trusted environment.

So an SSL certificate creates a foundation of trust by providing a secure connection. It creates a secured connection between the client and a server. SSL encrypts the data/information sent across the internet.

This is because; the information that you sent on the internet will travel from one computer to another computer to reach its destination place.

Anyone in between you and the server can be able to access your data/information that passes through the internet if it’s not encrypted. If you installed an SSL certificate for your website, the information that you send through this site will become unreadable except the destination server.


Auto SSL

AutoSSL is one of the best features in cPanel & WHM. By using AutoSSL, it automatically installs and renews Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for every domain. SSL Installation and Renewal is one of the complex tasks. So most of the web hosting providers comfort the clients with Auto SSL to do the tasks easily. Here, you don’t want to fill out any forms or install the certificates manually. Once you enabled AutoSSL, your websites will be automatically secured free, domain validated SSL certificate. AutoSSL will not force the site to load in https, it needs to be changed manually.

Here, I have explained you how to enable AutoSSL in cPanel.

How to Install Auto SSL in cPanel?

  • Login to the cPanel Account.
  • Search for SSL/TLS and click on that.

  • Below ‘Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)’, click on “Manage SSL Sites”.

  • There you can see the default SSL certificate for your domain which you want to uninstall now. So, click on “Uninstall”.

  • After that, go back to the cPanel home page and search for “SSL/TLS Status”

  • In SSL/TLS Status, select the domain and click “Run AutoSSL”