Adding header & footer code in wordpress

How to Add Header and Footer Code in WordPress?

Adding header & footer code in wordpress

There is an easy way for the beginners by which they can add the code in both the Header & Footer area of your WordPress website. You may have added some snippet of code to the footer or header area of the site for Google Analytics (Analyzing the data), Webmasters, Google Search Console etc,.  But, by default, WordPress software doesn’t give us the facility to add the code in the header & footer area of WordPress. In this article, we have guided you on how to add the header and footer code in WordPress. This article is especially for beginners. You can add the header and footer code in WordPress by using three different ways. They are:

  1. Editing the theme’s header and footer files (.php files) of your WordPress site.
  2. Using built-in code feature of the header and footer area of the theme
  3. Lastly, you can achieve it by using the plugin.

If you have chosen the first way, it is not strongly recommended for beginners.  Because, as a beginner, you may have not exposure to the coding of these complex files. If something goes wrong, then it may affect your website. For beginners, it will be not much suitable. Also, another important thing is that, when you have updated the theme of WordPress, the code which has entered will get erased. So, even if you have changed the header and footer files, it will be get erased. Therefore, beginners are not recommended to follow this way.

If you are following the second way, this will be a solution. There are a lot of themes available with the built-in code feature of the header and footer area of the theme. You can choose any of the themes according to your needs. You can edit the code in both the header and footer areas. This kind of way is safe, secure but it has a flaw in it. If you wish to change the theme for some purpose, then the code will be get erased.

The third way is the safest, secure, and much-recommended way for the beginners. You can do by using a plugin called ‘Insert Header and Footer‘.  Let us go to the advantages of using this plugin. They are:

  • It provides the users easier way to add the code and these codes are organized in a safer place
  • Even if you are editing the code manually, most of the errors occurring due to these are avoided.
  • The huge benefit is that even if you have updated or changed your theme, the code doesn’t get erased as it is kept secure in a separate place.

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