best affiliate plugins wordpress

The 10 Best Affiliate Plugins for your WordPress Sites

best affiliate plugins wordpress

Do you want to boost your affiliate sales through your WordPress site? If yes, these affiliate plugins for WordPress sites will skyrocket your affiliate sales. 

In this article, I would be sharing the top WordPress affiliate plugins to increase your affiliate sales. 

Is WordPress the best platform for Affiliate Marketing?

WordPress is the easiest open-source platform for running a website in any niche. You can set up affiliate campaigns and monitor affiliate link performance. 

Plugins like WPForms help you collect email leads and grow your subscriber list.

But you should remember that there’s a difference between and The latter is not good for affiliate marketing with some plugin restrictions. 

So let’s dive into the world of affiliate plugins to grow your affiliate business on WordPress sites. Before that let me tell you the factors to consider before choosing any WordPress plugin.

Factors To Choose Affiliate Plugins For WordPress Sites

When picking up affiliate plugins, you should be serious about making money online. Once you are determined, you can easily hand-pick a plugin considering some factors listed below.

  • Effortlessly add affiliate links to all your pages and posts.
  • Manage all the affiliate links in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Easy to use, add, edit, or remove with redirection possibilities.
  • Track the performance of your affiliate links and CTAs.
  • Easy to share links on social media.

Keeping in mind these factors for choosing an affiliate plugin, you are ready to explore the market.

List of 10 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

With our hand-picked affiliate plugins for WordPress, managing your affiliate program would be a no-brainer. 

1. Pretty Links

pretty links affiliate plugin for wordpress

Pretty Links is by far the easiest WordPress affiliate plugin to monetize your site. You simply have to add your affiliate links once, and the plugin automatically places the links inside the content. 

It takes away your tedious job to add affiliate links on every page and post. Moreover, the plugin converts long and hard-to-read links into short, and easy-to-read shareable links. 

You can easily share these affiliate links on social media.

Pretty Links link cloaker turns your website into a money-making affiliate website. 


  • Beginner: $79/year for one WordPress site
  • Marketer: $99/year 2 sites
  • Super Affiliate: $149/year 5 WordPress sites

2. Thirsty Affiliates

thirsty affiliates link cloaker

With Thirsty Affiliates, you can cloak affiliate links in WordPress. The cloaked links protect your commissions from theft and allow you to easily insert them in blog posts.

Many professional bloggers use Thirsty Affiliates to make money by managing their affiliate links pain-free.

The plugin automatically links your affiliate links with the keywords you provide. You can uncloak the links to meet advertisers’ terms of service.

You will never miss out on 404 errors for your affiliate links. You get charts and statistical data for all your affiliate links along with email notifications.

If you want to import or export your affiliate links, you can do that via CSV.


  • Basic: $49 single site
  • Plus: $99 for five sites
  • Advanced: $149 for ten sites

3. AffiliateWP

affiliatewp wp affiliate plugin

AffiliateWP is a pool of affiliate marketing tools to help you grow your affiliate business. It is easy to use and reliable that works perfectly fine with any WordPress theme.

The plugin provides advanced referral tracking integrated with your WordPress site. It’s easy to install and get going with the plugin in a few minutes. 

Tracking of affiliate links is accurate even if the servers experience heavy caching. You can pay affiliates directly to their bank accounts with AffiliateWP’s payout service. 

Real-time tracking of visits, referrals, earnings, and affiliate registrations with high accuracy. You can provide coupons to specific affiliates and track their performance.

All the affiliate registrations can be manually moderated and accepted. Not just for you, but the plugin gives your affiliates a dashboard to track their performance.


  • Personal: $149.50/year for 1 site
  • Plus: $199.50/year for 3 sites
  • Professional: $299.50/year for 10 sites

4. AdSanity

adsanity ad management

AdSanity is for all those affiliates who are looking to monetize their blog with ads. It is an ad rotator plugin allowing you to create and manage ads on your website.

The plugin is lightweight and comes with core features. Add-on features are available at extra cost.

Admins can learn how the ads are performing for a selected duration. All the ads are HTML 5 ready ensuring they are compatible with the modern technology of advertising.

There are two publishing options which are infinite and date-based. You can set the start and end date for every ad. 

There are plenty of widgets and ad placing options to display ads wherever you want on your site.

For any support, you can visit the site documentation or raise a ticket. The response time for a first-time ticket is 3.5 hours.


  • Basic: $59/year
  • Pro: $179/year
  • Lifetime: $499/year

5. MonsterInsights

monsterinsights google analytics plugin

MonsterInsights is a must-have affiliate plugin for WordPress users. It integrates Google Analytics inside the WordPress dashboard and provides all the insights into website performance.

You get real-time analytics, SEO ranking reports, and 100+ metrics to analyze your site. The plugin offers a 14-day money-back guarantee and is GDPR-ready.

Real-time analytics inside the WordPress dashboard lets you track users’ activity. Without any code, you can set up Google Analytics 4 with one click for your campaigns. 

The link tracking feature helps you track clicks on banners, affiliate links, and other internal and outbound links. 

MonsterInsights seamlessly integrates with major WordPress plugins like WPForms, Yoast, WooCommerce, and more.


  • Plus: $99.50/year (Single site)
  • Pro: $199.50/year (Five sites)
  • Agency: $399.50/year (Twenty-Five sites)

6. EasyAffiliate

easyaffiliate affiliate program plugin

Whether you have a membership site on WordPress or an eCommerce site, EasyAffiliate is the plugin you need.

The plugin lets you create a self-hosted affiliate program that works on affiliate sites and help boost sales. 

With the EasyAffiliate plugin, you get a self-hosted dashboard, real-time reports, fraud detection, and more.

The plugin integrates with any eCommerce store and also provides one-click payouts to affiliates.

If you find any fraudulent activity, you can reject and withhold the payout. Email marketing integration with MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and ConvertKit keeps you connected with the affiliates. 

When you pay affiliates, you don’t have to pay any extra charges as the platform is yours.


  • Basic: $99.50/year Use on 1 site
  • Plus: $149.50/year Use on 3 sites
  • Pro: $199.50/year Use on 5 sites

7. EasyAzon

easyazon amazon affiliate links

Amazon is the biggest marketplace and many affiliates create Amazon affiliate niche sites. This helps them promote Amazon products with their affiliate links and earn commissions in hundreds of categories. 

With the EasyAzon WordPress affiliate plugin, you can save more time and make more commissions.

You really don’t need to acquire coding skills to use EasyAzon. You can create affiliate links and also enable link localization. This helps display a link for the Amazon locale and the country in which Amazon runs affiliate programs.

The product pop-up feature triggers users leading to more clicks and thereby generating more commission.


Free To Use for unlimited websites.

8. Ultimate Affiliate Pro

ultimate affiliate pro homepage

If you are looking for an all-in-one affiliate marketing plugin, then Get Ultimate Affiliate Pro. Simply install the plugin in your WordPress admin and create your affiliate system in no time. 

The system helps you recruit new affiliates based on the amount and bonuses. Everything is in auto-mode, you simply approve affiliates, and let them do the trick for you. 

In a simple click, you can process affiliate payouts via PayPal from the Ultimate Affiliate pro dashboard. 

You can provide promotional materials to affiliates like banners, special promo codes, and links with special offers.

The social share integration helps affiliates to share their affiliate links on social networks.


  • Regular License: $41/year with 6 months of support.

9. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

yith woocommerce affiliates

YITH is an out-of-the-box WordPress plugin for WooCommerce. If your eCommerce site is designed on WooCommerce, then you are lucky as the YITH plugin is developed for it.

You can run your brand campaign and drive traffic to your eCommerce site by grabbing new users. This helps you grow your site revenue. 

By running affiliate campaigns, you can ask affiliates to join your affiliate program and promote it. When they (affiliates) share their affiliate link, you get higher sales and they earn commissions.

By creating advertising campaigns, you can promote your products at zero investment. You only have to pay affiliates when a verified sale is made through their blog or website.

The dashboard allows tracking of sales, commissions, and visitors generated by each affiliate.


  • $139.99/year with one-year updates and support. 

10. Affiliate Coupons

affiliate-coupons-wordpress coupons plugin

How can we miss this extraordinary coupon plugin?

Affiliate Coupons is the top-rated coupon plugin for WordPress affiliate marketers. The plugin helps affiliate marketers increase their click-through rate with eye-catching coupon templates. 

The Affiliate Coupons plugin is flexible and can be used with any theme as it is thoroughly tested and compatible.

Whether you are on your desktop, mobile, or tablet, the plugin has 100% responsiveness. 

You can choose between different templates or customize them using CSS if you have CSS knowledge. It is possible to create endless coupons and show or hide them in any post or page you want.

The support team is happy to serve you whenever you need them. 


  • Personal: $29/year for 1 site
  • Plus: $99/year for 5 sites
  • Pro: $199/year for unlimited sites


I am sure a lot of your time must have been saved with this article. Using these affiliate plugins for your WordPress sites will give you astonishing results. 

Use them for free, and upgrade for add-on features.