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7 Best Online Digital Marketing Courses that can make you a Digital Entrepreneur  

If you have been thinking about changing your career recently, you should certainly consider becoming a digital entrepreneur and learning digital marketing skills with top digital marketing courses.

Digital entrepreneurship is on the rise as more businesses and individuals embrace digital technology and use it in all aspects of their lives such as education. As a digital entrepreneur you would create and pursue technological opportunities with information and communication technology equipment and services. For this online marketing skills are vital, and you can learn them easily with the best online digital marketing courses.


Starting an online or digital business can give you the opportunity of becoming financially independent, and the possibility to impact the world positively with your online solutions. Some websites or software solutions can make millions, so knowing how to build and grow monetizable online properties is an important work skill.

What does it take to become a Digital Entrepreneur and learn Internet Marketing?

There is a certain skill set that every top digital entrepreneur like Fernando Raymond needs to develop in order to establish one or several successful online enterprises.

Fernando started out as a blogger, sharing his SEO tips via his first WordPress website. He taught himself the SEO skills needed to rank his website on search engines for search terms like “SEO consultant” that would bring him his first enquiries for his then established SEO agency ClickDo.internet-entrepreneur-builds-online-businesses-with-digital-marketing-skills

While his agency expanded with more clients joining, he realised that many business owners required support with more than SEO. They enquired about additional digital marketing services like social media marketing, Google Ads, email marketing and of course blogging and web hosting.

This led to Fernando investing in setting up his own web hosting company SeekaHost and the digital marketing eLearning platform SeekaHost University where he and his expert team started offering some of the best digital marketing courses in the world that would teach those skills. He has also created and published Kindle eBooks and built Facebook groups around the topics of SEO, digital marketing and PBNs.

According to the online courses for digital marketing listed in this article, you should prepare to become a digital entrepreneur by learning the internet marketing skills taught. They can be learned in any order, but we would recommend following the below order for the best and most comprehensive start into online entrepreneurship.

7 Best Online Marketing Courses to prepare you for Digital Entrepreneurship


To obtain the marketing skills taught in the following SeekaHost University courses, you will be required to practice what you learn ideally through hands-on activities via your own website or blog.

We therefore advise you to start a blog as soon as you feel ready for it and you can easily do so with the latest web hosting control panel launched by SeekaHost for blogger beginners. Then get right into it and ideally study the courses in this order for the best results:

Learn how to create and set up a blog or business website with the Ultimate Blogging Course


You will learn:

  • How to find a domain & the best web hosting.

  • How to set up, build and customize a WordPress website.

  • How to start posting web content as pages and blog posts and how to optimize it with on-page SEO.

  • How to start marketing and promoting your website.

Learn the basics of SEO with the SEO Training Course to be able to rank your website to grow it


You will learn:

  • SEO and search engine basics

  • Local SEO

  • Keyword Research Techniques

  • On-Page SEO

  • Internal linking strategies

  • High Authority Backlinking

  • Content Optimisation for search engines

  • Mobile SEO

Learn how to create SEO-friendly web content to optimize your website for your visitors and search engines


You will learn:

  • To identify your target audience, topics, and keywords

  • To create attractive, SEO-friendly headlines with the help of online tools

  • To conduct SEO research and apply SEO skills to web content and blog writing

  • To use different SEO tools for research/data analysis

  • To structure articles or guides in a logical manner

  • To enhance your content with images and graphics and optimize them for SEO

  • To update content to increase authority

Learn how to master Facebook Re-marketing to promote and market your website


You will learn:

  • Facebook Business Account Creation

  • Introduction to Facebook Re-Marketing with Pixel

  • Implementing Facebook Pixel on a Website

  • How to Create an Ad Account

  • How to Create Pixel and link it with an Ad Account

  • How to Create an Audience Set & Lead Generation Ads

Learn how to master Google Ads and PPC Ads to dominate on the most popular search engine


You will learn:

  • To set up a Google Ad Account

  • To create different extensions in Google Ads

  • To match keyword types for your ads campaign

  • To target and schedule ads

  • To create ads on Google

  • To create ads on YouTube

These are the basic online marketing skills you will need to learn to start out as a digital entrepreneur with a successful online presence.

If you want to take it up a notch and delve into next level SEO and marketing then you should take the following marketing courses.

Learn the skills to increase the sales on your website to profit and grow your business


You will learn:

  • Internal Linking Strategies (SILO)

  • On-page and Off-page SEO

  • Guest Posting for SEO

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Local SEO

  • YouTube SEO

  • E-Commerce SEO

Learn the skills to monetize a website or blog with SEO & Blogging strategies increasing your profit


You will learn:

  • To build a blog successfully with web hosting and WordPress

  • Do on-page SEO to rank a website for more visibility and leads

  • To create content for website pages and posts that converts

  • To strategically grow you blog and its reach and audience

Potential Bonus Materials to Scale

If you want to scale your online business further, you can study more about private blog networks (PBNs) and how they can help you with your venture in various ways. You can find PBN expert tutorials at the SeekaHost YouTube channel showing you how to

  • Search, identify and buy valuable expired domains

  • Get cheap PBN hosting and access to the best PBN Manager Tool, watch the following tutorial to get an idea:


Also read this guide to understand how a PBN is created step by step at a high level:

Private Blog Networks: Everything You Must Know About PBN SEO in 2022

And make sure you set your PBN up the best way by checking out the WordPress tutorials on the WordPress Hosting Site and by taking the Blog for Profits course to fully learn blog monetization strategies.

Using WordPress and the SeekaPanel will speed up the process compared to using alternative web hosting control panels like cPanel or Plesk and you can test it with a free trial version.


Where will your Digital Entrepreneurship Journey take you after completing the Marketing Classes?

After having gone through all the marketing courses and materials recommended in this article you should be ready to start out as a digital entrepreneur with your own websites and blogs, depending on what kind of online business you are pursuing.

In any case, having built a prosperous web property will give you the perfect starting point for anything you want to achieve in the digital realm. Use and apply those skills as Fernando did and build your own internet empire offering products, solutions or services that people are happy to pay for.