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Best Ways To Make Money Online As A Beginner in 2022

In this article you will find the 12 Best Ways To Make Money As A Beginner in 2022. There are many different ways you can make money online, even as someone with little to no experience using the methods below.

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12 Best Ways To Make Money Online As A Beginner in 2022

With everything slowly moving online it makes sense that you also take a little look at how to can create an income from online work. With 2022 just started what a better time to get yourself online and start earning money from the comfort of your home.

It can be a bit overwhelming trying to choose something to go into to Make Money Online As A Beginner. So we have broken it down into individual and manageable sections to suit many different vocations.

The first step is researching and seeing what is best for you. What you have the most experience in and what would you be able to best apply yourself to get the best results. Alternatively you can also plan to start multiple way to Make Money Online As A Beginner and implement them all to yield a higher profit. But be aware the work load will of course increase.


1. Make Money Online With Udemy Courses

make money online as a beginner with udemy

This is a great place to start if you have a skill to offer. And this isnt limited as you can see for yourself on Udemy you can find a course on almost anything, from Websites, coding, pottery, even Minecraft, There is a course for everyone.

Meaning that by setting some time aside and recording yourself showing others a craft, technique or lesson you can start to earn good money online. Udemy advised to spend around a month creating your course (a few hours a night) and gives you many tools to help you create a better course.

They have videos to watch, areas for creators to learn new things and also a test video centre where you can upload a preview and see if its qualifies to be accepted as a course.

One benefit would be having some video editing or recording skills, but again this doesnt limit you as with a simple laptop, webcam and mic you can get started today. Courses can be made free if they are under two hours, and then can be charged from £19.99 all the way up to £199 per course.

Benefits Of Using Udemy

  • No upfront cost.
  • Easy course creation.
  • Helpful guides.
  • Udemy advertising of courses.

2. Make Money Online With Skill Share

make money online as a beginner with skillshare

Skill Share is another brilliant way to make money online as a beginner in 2022. Very similarly to Udemy, you create a course and online members can view and use your class.

The way it is different is, rather than members having to buy your individual course. They can choose it simply if they like it. Skill share users already pay a monthly fee to use the service so they dont have to worry about paying for individual courses.

They just look for a course they want, and if they like it they watch it. You will then get paid depending on the popularity of your course. The best way to explain this is if you add all the membership income for Skill share, then divide it up between the courses depending on the percent watched. So someone with 100k views on their course will get a much bigger percentage of the pie compared to someone who only had 3 users using their course.

So get creative, make the course appealing and then your bound to bring some learners your way.

Benefits Of Using Skill Share

  • Lots of recourses to get started.
  • Paid by time spend on your course.
  • Passive income once your created it.
  • Popular platform with lots of students.

3. Make Money Online With Google Ad Sense

make money online with google ad sense

Using Google Ads Sense will require having a website. So this wont suit everyone straight of the bat but this is something to work toward for another great way of getting passive income. Once you feel like your getting enough visitors to create some income with ads on your website, you can go ahead and apply for ad sense.

This will require you have a blog you can set up easy following our guide on creating a WordPress blog. Creating a blog these days is much easier than you could imagine, with a .com domain going for as little as £5.99, and hosting also coming in at between £1-£3 monthly its not only affordable easy to set up.

For a more in detail look at creating a website with WordPress and start blogging. We have a complete tutorial on how to create a personal website and start blogging on the same day. This is a step by step process with idea tutorials with every single aspect you want want to know to create or improve your blog.

Blogging in 2022 and past years has been a big thing, which many people make a living from, by getting high traffic with your engaging blogs you get more people clicking on your google ads. And generating you more revenue. if you want to find out more about how to make money just from blogging we have an in depth article showing you exactly how to make money blogging here.

Google Ad Sense is free to apply but they do have certain rules that you must follow and that your website must have in place, so brand new websites with low visitors might be denied. The same if you show content that they deem offensive or against their rules.

I suggested getting around 1000 visitors a month before applying, just to make it worth your time in terms of income. The way it works is your paid by visitors clicking and going to one of their ads they had placed on your website.

You get paid for each legitimate click and enquiry into the product or service advertised, this is usually a small payment of a penny of or a few pennies however this does add up the more visitors you have going through your website.

Benefits Of Using Google Ad Sense

  • No sign up fees.
  • Passive income once set up.
  • Automatically places ads for you.
  • Earnings grow as your websites does.

4. Make Money Online With TextBroker

make money online with textbroker

If your into writing and are able to write long and well put together articles, TextBroker is the way for you to make money online as a beginner in 2022. This amazing way of writing to earn money is great and also is dependant on how good you are at your skill.

You are paid per word but the value is based on your author star rating out of 5. Meaning that if your just a beginner and have not been rated that well yet you will get the smallest pay out for the articles you write. On the other hand if your a 5 start writer you can get more than 4x the same price per word.

how to make money online with textbroker

The way to get accepted and rated for your writing is by creating an initial paragraph (200-300) words long of which you will get judged by. It breaks down what it wants from you so make sure to follow the instructions and try to get the best score possible.

They will want you to write in html, eg with the correct tags for paragraphs, headings and such. They provide a short video on how to use them but I find an easier way to be is writing on WordPress.

By this I mean you can write an article on WordPress, then switch from visual editor to text and all of your article has already been set up nicely in html format to use for the text article.

Benefits Of Using TextBroker

  • Free to sign up.
  • Greater pay dependant on quality of writing.
  • Can potentially earn a good income.
  • Earn more for direct orders.

5. Make Money Online With Kindle Direct Publishing

make money online with kindle direct publishing

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a great way to make money online if your are an author. This takes all the annoying bits out of setting up and selling your book. You can directly publish to kindle which as we all know has a massive book following.

This way not only saves you time but you can start earning within a few days of being accepted. You do lose out on around 30% which is kept by Amazon but all in all for the ease of getting your book to market, as well as having a huge amount of customers already using the service and looking for new books to read this is a great way to get into selling your books online.

The best thing is that as you have to spend less time marketing your products as kindle does this for you. It gives you much more time to go ahead and create new content to add to your collection too.

Benefits Of Using Amazon KDP

  • Fast way to get your book published.
  • Faster online sales.
  • Saves you time for marketing.
  • Huge audience for your books.

6. Make Money Online With Amazon Handmade

make money online with amazon handmade

Requirements for selling on Amazon Handmade Program is to have an amazons seller account. This can be started easily, and it would really be worth your time if you do produce handmade products. Much like Etsy they provide the platform to easily sell your products with out having to start your own website or store to sell them.

The benefits of using Amazon Handmade is of course the millions of customers it already has making it one of the biggest platforms to sell your handmade products. Many People have started with this and now run very successful online business simply through amazon. Some even leaving their physical store to save expenses and still finding they can sell the same if not a greater amount of products this way.

Benefits Of Using Amazon Handmade

  • Millions of customers to show your products.
  • Easy to use platform to sell your products.
  • Application process to filter out non hand made products.
  • Support and tutorial videos to help you excel.

7. Make Money Online With Etsy

make money online with etsy

Etsy is another great platform to sell on if you create handmade or more personalised items. Much like amazon handmade they have a great and easy to use platform to upload, price and market your items.

They also have a huge audience which use this service and regularly buy so you will have a greater chance of getting your product shown to the right people. They provide sales on occasions meaning you dont even have to worry about boxing day/black Friday sales as this is usually done for you.

Like an e commerce store you get clear display of your products with descriptions, prices and also a way to rate the purchase meaning that if your good at what you do the reviews will soon bring more customers your way.

They have a huge selection of categories you can list in and this is great for anyone in niches that might otherwise get overlooked. People know that Etsy is the place to look for handmade products or something you can get personalised to is your selling something like that, it would greatly improve sales to use this service too.

Benefits Of Using Etsy

  • Perfect for products in smaller niche.
  • Lots of customers looking for crafted products.
  • Easy shop setup and selling process.
  • Product rating to customers.

8. Make Money Online With Woo-Commerce

how to make money online with woo commerce

Woo Commerce is an e commerce solution that you can use for free to sell your products online with out having to pay extra fees to places like Etsy or Amazon handmade. One pre requisite is that you will need your own website to do this.

Woo Commerce itself is free unless you use a pro version but everything you will need is provided with the free version. And with card payments with stripe costing you as little as 1.4 to 2.6% with a 0.20p fee per transaction its one of the best ways to get as much money as possible per product.

This can easily be done by a beginner as long as you follow a few tutorials first. But even then they have a fool proof setup method to walk you through the entire process untill its complete. If your un sure how to create a website we also have a handy Udemy course to show you how to create a personal website as beginner also.

making money online with woo commerce

This can enable you to move your whole shop online or just have another way to sell your items as well as the one you currently use. Getting online in this day and age is very important, to build a brand, get more sales and generally keep up with the modern way of shopping.

Benefits Of Using Woo Commerce

  • Smaller charges for selling the product.
  • Complete control of the shop.
  • Complete control over coupons and discounts.
  • Easy set up guide to follow.

9. Make Money Online With ClickBank

making money online with clickbank

If your into creating affiliate website then ClickBank is a great way to get started making money online as a beginner in 2022. If you have your own website or a good social media following then you can advertise products with affiliate codes.

Much like Google AdSense its a way of selling other products by advertising them. For affiliate sites like ClickBank you will get paid a percentage of the sale if the visitor follows through and buys it.

This way you can ad advertisements or affiliate link through out your site for relevant products that may help your visitors and also earn you some money along the way. The links can be added in images, texts and many forms of way to help you visitors find the right products.

Benefits Of Using ClickBank

  • Passive Income.
  • Easy Set Up.
  • Accurate Affiliate Analytics.
  • Great Way To Make Money On Webistes.

10. Make Money Online With Amazon Affiliate Program

make money online with amazon affiliate

Much link ClickBank, the amazon affiliate program will offer you lots of links to products and service which you can advertise on your website or social media. This includes links but also detailed widgets you can add to your side bar or pages/posts.

In the same way you earn from visitors following through your affiliate link and then purchasing the product, you will then earn a  commission from that. As well as this you can add other features called bounties which is getting people to sign up for amazon services like prime by your affiliate link or banner.

For bounties you get a set fee for every sign up you get. Usually between £3-£5. They provide you great looking banners for each type which you can easily input to your website using the custom html button.

This is a widely used service and can earn you some great passive money. Creating top 10’s top 5’s of product reviews with affiliate links is a great way to show your links and get maximum sales from them.

Benefits Of Using Amazon Affiliate

  • Great looking links with html for widgets.
  • Bounties to get lots of one off sign up fees.
  • Easy set up.
  • Easy passive income.

11. Make Money Online With Flippa

make money online with flippa

If your into creating websites that have income coming in, this is an amazing resource to sell them as a business to get you more money to invest in more opportunities. With Flippa websites owners that have created a money making website can list them for a larger price e.g. if your website brings in £700 a month, you might sell the whole business, website and money earning method to someone who wants to own it for 10-20k as they are looking to invest in a long term money earner.

This way you can work on creating a number of money making sites, sell them on Flippa and effectively cash out. This large amount of money you now have can be re invested in many more ventures and might allow you to afford bigger better things for your next ventures.

flippa example of making money online

Using the methods we have suggested with ads, subscriptions or any other methods you can create a monthly wage. And this will look good for anyone with a larger sum of money looking to invest in smaller money making ventures for the long term.

Benefits Of Using Flippa

  • Get a good price for selling the business/website.
  • Easy listing process.
  • Bidding system to get higher prices.
  • Good for cashing out smaller websites.

12. Make Money Online With Guest Posting

This is another method for website owners that get high traffic through their website. With out getting too much into domain authority, by having a website with a domain which receives a large amount of traffic your domain has become more valuable.

So any link to another website is actually beneficial to the person who you link from your high traffic website. People are willing to pay a good price for links provided from a high domain authority site. This will help grow their website and increase traffic to them.

So what a lot of websites will do is charge for a guest post. Meaning someone can pay you between £10- £200 depending on your site to write an article about themselves with a link to their website from yours. You can find places top advertise your guest posting on Facebook, primarily in Private Blog Network groups. They are looking to grow sites and you can offer this for a price, so make sure to let them know your prices, domain authority and relevance.

Benefits Of Charging For Guest Posting

  • No extra cost for you.
  • As you website grows, so does your posting price.
  • Works well in tandem with other money making strategies.
  • No extra effort on your behalf, simply post the content sent to you.


There are lots of ways of making money online as a beginner in 2022, its a case of finding the right way for you. Make sure to think realistically about the time you have to use, dont over work yourself by giving yourself too many money making methods at once. Make sure its manageable and you can really start to push each method to its full potential and make a great income online. Getting online is always essential, and the first part of this is finding a great domain with your business name, or even your name if you are your own brand.