How to Fix DNS Server Error?

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DNS is the Domain Name System using which the internet protocol address is assigned to the domain names. Each computers connected to the internet must have IP Address and it is the combination of Numbers and dots. As IP Address is assigned to individual domain, we can open the website using the IP Address also. But the reason behind the domain name is that, it will be easy for the humans to remembers the words than the numbers. It is not a possible matter to remember the IP Address of all the websites like remembering the domains names of the websites. When a browser requests to load a domain name, it is converted into IP Address to find the exact location and then the content is loaded through the Internet Service Provider (ISP) with the help of HTTP (Hype Text Transfer Protocol).

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If a DNS Server is not able to convert the IP Address into domain names, then there occurs an error called DNS Server Error. There are several possible reasons behind this error. The error may occur due to a problem in Local or Remote. The possibilities of the Error in Remote is due to the authentication problem in the web server and if the error is in local, then the possibilities of the error may be due to Internet Connectivity Issue.

Normally in a server, the incoming and outgoing data’s will be monitored and controlled by the firewall in your system. Sometimes the firewall may block by the server due to its configuration or settings. So to solve this problems, just open the control panel in your system and go to windows firewall settings. Check whether the browser is added in the exception tab, if not click on add program and select the browser which is displayed in the list of programs. After selecting the browser click on OK. Then go to add port, in name enter HTTP and enter the port number 80. Also sometimes it may be due to DNS Cache Error and which can be resolved by Flush DNS.

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To do it, Open the Command Prompt in your computer and enter “ipconfig/flushdns“. Also clearing the history and cookies may solve the problem. If the error is due to internet connectivity or the DNS Setting for the Internet Connection, then Contact the ISP and verify the details.

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