Business Name Ideas: Before you choose, take these steps

It all starts with a business name that goes to the hearts and minds of the people. There are many ways to find business name ideas and I’ve been asked by many people how to find a good business name and register domain name st SeekaHost.


There are business name generators online and you can use one of them to help you come up with the business name.

on this guide.

Now let’s looks at some points….

Business Name Ideas

Today, the irony of business trend is that more than the actual running of the business, it’s a brand name, visitor’s traffic and conversion is of prime importance.

The reason being that online business has spread its roots across millions of visitors and with the right business name you can hit the right target.

Technically, the business name represents your website or your domain name.

Consider you have a business of manufacturing nuts and bolts.

In order to reach your customers in different states and countries, you build a website, highlighting all the services and products that your company is offering.

Now in order to launch this website online, you’ll need a relevant name using which the customers can access your website, say Here fastener refers to your business or domain name and .com is the extension associated to it since you are running a commercial business which is also referred to as TLD (Top Level Domain).

So when firms are searching for fastener in the Google search engine, your website will attract good traffic because of the right domain name you have chosen. (Check out our post on how to choose right domain name)

Checklist for business domain name ideas

Of course, we are not going to mention the different business names for your website since you can easily get them listed using multiple sites available in the market. This post will guide you through the do’s and don’ts for your business name selection.

1. Keep it Relevant

Refer the above example It says it all. Whatever your line of business, your domain or business name should be similar to that, so that the audience gets a straight forward idea of what you are selling by just looking at your URL (since the domain name is embedded in that). Make use of the keyword technique rather than simply framing a random combination of words.

2. Simple and clear

Your business name will be typed, forwarded, shared and remembered. Use your creativity to keep it simple yet effective. Words have immense power! Be clear while joining two or more words. Towards rather than two or more words. Hope you got it!

3. Suffix right TLD

Extensions or top-level domain reflect the type or nature of your business. Don’t simply put .com just because that’s the only thing you have heard or seen. The latest trend incorporates even more rich variety such as .flights, .tourism, .tech and many more. You’ll get numerous different type of extensions to choose from.

4. Not already registered

Check out whether your chosen business name already exists or not. Domain names that are already a registered trademark should strictly be prohibited to avoid any legal hassle.  Though we say there are thousands of them available but among millions of users opting out for domain name the probability of getting your desired domain name can diminish.

But there is a solution granted for the same. There is the owner who purchases the domain for the startup of business but at times leaves it abandoned. They later sell it to the needy person to gain higher profit.

If the domain you prefer for your business name is already being taken up, you can either avail it in the domain auction at a reasonable price or look up at WHOIS and get the details of the domain owner. A sound negotiation can get you the required domain.

So now you got some good ideas about how to find a good business name for your business and then register the ideal domain name for the business website.

If you need support in business name ideas, you can contact our web consultant for a business domain name finding support call.

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