Buy PBN Links: Should You Buy Private Blog Network Backlinks?

Are you thinking about buying PBN backlinks or worried if you buy PBN links it could work or not for your SEO activities?


There are many sources on the internet that says private blog network links are bad. However, if you buy high-quality backlinks from authentic blogs your organic SEO ranks can improve drastically.

I’ve been using blogs for over 5 years now and built one of the largest Facebook groups with over 7000 people who are actively buying and selling PBN backlinks.

I recently wrote an article about private blog networks going public and doing more. That’s something you should be looking at when trying to get backlinks.

As I said many people sell PBN links, and you can get the cheapest PBN links at places like Fiverr and People Per House, Legit and even ate Konker marketplace. There are some good sellers though on those platforms, but you must know how to identify the good PBNs from bad toxic PBNs.

What to look at before you buy PBN links?

  1. The domain history
  2. The domain strength
  3. The site/blog built on that domain
  4. Is the blog active
  5. Traffic – use SEMRush or Ahrefs
  6. Who manages the blog (does the blog has a future)?

The 6th one is very important as you do not want to buy backlinks from blogs that may be dropped after your purchased backlinks. So have a look and ideally even look if the domain is registered for over a year or more.

Talk to the PBN owner and see if they are seriously managing their blogs and if they are taking care of the blogs well.

Get on a Skype call or Phone and discuss your PBN links requirements and ask if they give assurance for links.

Try to get at least a 6 months assurance that they will maintain the blogs you are buying links from. Get a written confirmation about it that if the blogs you are buying links from dies will they replace or refund your money.

I see some people in the SEO community build blogs using our PBN hosting services, build them for a while, sell links and drop those domains. If you read the expired domains guide you will know about the buying and selling expired domains.

If you are interested in investing in expired domains read this article.

Should you buy PBN links or build your own PBNs?

You can buy PBN links if you need a quick boost for your SEO work however best is to build your own blogs and scale the blogs and make more out the blogs.

The blogs you build are your virtual real estate. If you read the article on my personal blog you will how you can earn money from your own blogs.

When building your blogs, make sure they are well built in a manner to serve the web.

The blogs must look like this > or / (a couple of  newly built)

If you are looking to buy expired domains to build PBN, check this seller on or use the expired domain finder tool.

And you want to buy PBN Backlinks talk to Dinesh at ClickDo or call the hotline 020 8638 5857 using Skype if you out to the UK.