Clear cache on WordPress site

How To Clear Cache On Your WordPress Site?

Clear cache on WordPress site

Having cache in your browser gives you both advantages and disadvantages. Cache is also known as memory used to load the contents faster when the user searches a content. The cache is also a memory, where it is stored in your browser due to the repeated activities of the user.

In another way, the Cache might give some issues. This memory cache will be different from one device to another. Additionally, it slows down the performance of the browser.

If you are facing issues due to the cache, then there are two possible ways to clear the cache for your WordPress Sites.

  • Clearing caches in your browser
  • Clearing caches by using the WordPress cache plugins.

Now, let’s get into the steps to clear the cache on your WordPress site.

Clearing cache on your browser

Though the contents of the WordPress has changed, the web browsers can’t find that it has changed. In this situation, the same website keeps loading instead of the updated content of the website.  Using the browser you can easily clear the cache of your search engines.  This is one of the possible ways to clear the cache for your WordPress site to load efficiently without any issues. The steps are

STEP 1: Dot Buttons

Open your web browser (Example: Google Chrome) and click on the three-dot buttons which is on the topmost right corner of the browser.

Three dot button

STEP 2: Clearing Browser Data

Next, click on ‘More Tools’ and click on ‘Clear Browsing Data’. A pop window will be displayed and you can select the checkboxes which you want to remove. Select ‘Cached Images and Files’ and finally click on ‘Clear Data’. You can choose any of the sections ‘Basic’ or ‘Advanced’ depending on your issues.

More Tools


Clearing cache data

Clearing browser cache will differ from browser to browser.

Now, the browser cache will be cleared and so try loading the website. If you are still facing the issues, then you have to clear the cache using the WordPress cache plugins.

Clearing caches by using the WordPress cache plugins

By the use of plugins, you can easily clear the cache of your WordPress site. Below the steps are given to clear the cache for your WordPress site

STEP 1: Installing a plugin

Install any WordPress cache plugins in your WordPress site. There are lots of  WordPress cache plugins are available  . For example, here we have installed W3 Total Cache Plugin

STEP 2: Dashboard

Then, click on the ‘Performance’ and tap on the ‘Dashboard’.

Dashboard of the cache plugin

STEP 3: Empty All Caches

Finally, click on ‘Empty All Caches’, which is above the dashboard. The caches will be cleared and the sites will start to load fine with updated content.

Empty all caches

You can do the additional caching configuration through the plugin to speed up your website. Make sure, each step you configure through the plugin is compatible with your website’s theme and plugin, as sometimes it starts to misbehave.

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