Configure Server Status Monitor

How to Configure Server Status Monitor in WHMCS?

In this article, we will guide you on how to configure server status monitoring for Linux servers in the WHMCS billing software. If you want the clients to view the PHP info of the server being monitored, a quick file edit is required.

Steps in configuring server status monitoring.

STEP 1: Opening the index.php file

Open the /status/index.php file in a text editor.

STEP 2: Uncommenting the line

Uncomment the phpinfo(); line. This can be done by removing the character (#) in front of it.

STEP 3: Save and upload

After uncommenting, ‘save’ the file and upload the /status to the directory to the server to be monitored.

STEP 4: Admin Area in WHMCS

Now, coming back to WHMCS admin area page,  navigate to Setup -> Products/Services -> Servers and edit the servers to be monitored.

STEP 5: Entering URL

Next, in the server status address field, enter the URL to the which /status uploaded. Ensure it has a trailing slash (i.e ending with “/” like

STEP 6: Admin Widget

Click ‘Save Changes’ and its done. The PHP info, uptime, CPU load and service status which will be displayed on the server status admin dashboard widget (Support -> Network Status -> Open) and network status page under support in the client area (Client Area -> Support -> Network Status).

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