things to consider before website migration

Things to Consider Before Website Migration – Important

Why People Migrate the Website?

There will be some reasons behind every action of the people. Same as that, various possible reasons behind the website migrations are

  • Bringing the Development site Live.
  • Changing the Server.
  • Changing the Hosting Service Provider.

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Things to be Taken Care before Migration

  • Experience in Migration

    Make Sure the person who migrates the website is having enough knowledge and experience in Website Migration. So that the website migration will go smooth. Make sure the site is live and will not get dropped even for a minute Or else it is recommended to undergo migration process during the time when traffic to our site is very low. Because making the site down during peak hours may result in losing some potential customers.

  • Compulsorily take the Website Backup

    Before Doing any changes, compulsorily take a Backup of a website. Also it is important to check the plugins installed in a website before undergoing backup process. Because some risky or security plugins may hide some important files. So when migrating the website without important files will make the migration process failure. So it is recommended to delete or uninstall the plugins and themes to reduce the file size and also to avoid missing some important files.

  • Don’t Delete the Previous Site

    Before deleting the website files from Old Server, Check the migrated website after bringing it live. If the website is facing any issues in loading or anything else, then it is recommended to check the migration process and repeat it again. So it is safe to keep the site alive from the old server before deleting it .

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  • Server Compatibility

    It is good to check whether the server will deliver the best for our website. There are different types of hosting services like shared hosting, cloud based hosting, virtual private server, dedicated server and so on. Choose the best based on the site traffic and your needs.

  • Point the Name server Properly

    Make sure that the person who migrates a website is having enough knowledge about the name server. Because the name server is the one which points the hosting server. Improper configuration will make the website down.

  • Customer Support

    Make sure the hosting provider will give you the best supporting services for faster recovery of the site. Anything may happen anytime but the customer support must help the clients for better things. Excellent server without proper customer support is useless.

  • Problem Solving Capability

    During website migration, you may face errors like “Error in Establishing Database Connection” or “Nothing Found”. So the person who migrated the website must be able to identify the root cause of these errors. If he is capable of understanding the root cause of the problem then the solution will be very easy.