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How to Enable Auto SSL in Server?

SSL – Secured Socket Layer is a security certificate used for the domains to ensure the encrypted communication between the server and the User. There are various hacking attacks that takes place in the website and Man in the Middle is one of the famous attacks. Someone may steal the information during the data communication between the user (browser) and the Website (web server).

To provide the users from these attacks, they planned to encrypt the communication between the user and the server. So users will have some trust on the website to use the secret information like Credit Card Details, name, mobile number and other details. Your website must have SSL Certificate to provide the security and this also considered as one of the ranking factor.

auto ssl


AUTO SSL is one of the biggest pain solving solution for most of the cPanel & WHM Users. SSL Installation & Renewal is one of the dragging and complex tasks to do it. But some of the hosting providers supports the clients with the AUTO SSL which makes the Job so easy.

Once you enable Auto SSL, then your website will be automatically secured with the free and Domain validated SSL Certificate. During the expiration period a new SSL certificate will be requested and installed automatically.


Steps To Enable AUTO SSL

Enabling Auto SSL is the easy task and to do it follow the steps below.

  • Login to WHM with your access details.
  • In search type as “autossl”.
  • Click on Manage Auto SSL.
  • You will be shown a list of options with disabled and certificate name.
  • Choose the Auto SSL and click on Save.