Expired Domain Analysis Tool -> “CheckDuck”

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What do we mean by Expired Domain Analysis?

Answer: Manually checking an expired domain for its authenticity & value takes hell lot of time & effort. So, to overcome this problem!!

We are proudly announcing the “CheckDuckExpired Domain Analysis Tool.”


Why Do You Need CheckDuck?

Here’s our answer:

-> Clean Score (CheckDuck’s Own Metric, Measured By Processing Domain Through 100’s of Filters By Our Powerful AI)

-> Link Score & Domain Score (Processed Through our Powerful AI)

-> 301 Redirect Found

-> Domain Age & Domain Drop Count

-> Wayback Screenshot History & Viewer (Through easy to navigate layout)

-> Wayback Outbound Domains, Suggested Language, Suggested HTTP/HTTPS Protocol & WWW/NON-WWW Version (All Processed Through Our Powerful AI)

-> Domain Availability & Domain Indexing Status (Domain Registration Status & Current Search Engine Indexing)

-> Domain Data Like Referring Domains, Backlinks(DoFollow – NoFollow Ratio), Top Pages & Top Anchor Text

Yes, you read it right!! You get all of this data under one dashboard within a short period in just two simple steps.

So, What are you waiting for?

Hurry up, Go to https://www.checkduck.com and register now and as a part of the welcome offer you get free 25 domain search credits (No Credit Card Required) to test our powerful tool and reduce your workload + time which you were investing on analyzing expired domains from multiple platforms and spend that time in hunting more mouth-watering expired domains 😛