How to find the domain age: Top 10 free domain age finder tools

There are many reasons you’d want to know the age of a domain; and since domain age is considered a ranking factor more and more people tend to find the domain name age and check on it online, anyways!

Given that domain creation date are often made public, finding out the domain age is very much a possibility as it helps to know how long a domain has stayed online. Even if the original owner had transferred the domain to another person or host, the creation date will still remain the same.

How to find the domain age?


Before learning how to find the domain name age, first, let’s look at why and then see the top 10 tools which you can easily use online to find the domain name age in seconds.

Why lookup the age of a domain?

The main reason a lot of SEO experts insist on checking the history of a domain is that older domains are regarded as trusted and stable, making the associated website a better bet for higher ranking on search engines.

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Other reasons include the fact that in the evaluation of the domain or even the associated website, the domain age also comes into consideration. As aged domains are more valuable and often come at a higher cost.

As such there are many tools online to help in finding out the exact age of a domain, which age is determined from the time the domain was created and the current date.

Top 10 free Domain Age finder tools

There are several tools available online to check the age of a domain, some of the tools even serve as domain authority checker as well. Find our top 10 free domain age finder tools below.

1. Whois Lookup

The Whois Lookup is a free utility tool that you can use to find the registration status of any domain name. It affords you a comprehensive listing of the details concerning the actual registration date, and current registrar, with possible details about the owner of the domain name.

Whois lookup

Simply head to the Whois Lookup site and enter the domain name in the search bar, and click on “lookup button” to discover every detail about the domain age.

2. Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is also known as Internet Archive, it offers a comprehensive look into how a site actually looked in the past, coupled with when it first came into existence. This is perhaps one of the most useful tools available to check domain age freely.

Wayback Machine

In fact, it is a digital archive of the World Wide Web itself and do contain other information on the Internet web resources, including domain age, and other digital footprints.

3. SEMRush Tool

SEMRush offers a comprehensive domain analysis tool for webmasters to know about the performance of their website, and along the tools is the domain overview tool that can also show the actual domain age.

SEMRush Tool

The tool affords you a one-stop place to check on any domain when you wish to bid for or buy it. With the comprehensive SEO audit available all free of charges.

4. DomainTools

DomainTools is an all rounder domain appraisal service with a nifty Whois checker that can easily surface information on any given domain.


It shows the domain age, owner information and if the domain can be transferred without any restrictions.

5. MXToolBox

This is another free Whois tool that can easily show the domain age with accompanying information for further appraisal by the webmaster.


It serves the exclusive domain audit function, with several features that will come handy if you ever wish to ascertain the age of a domain.

6. UltraTools

The tool presents another easy to use Whois tool that shows domain age without any reservations.


It affords you a free tool for looking up domain age, owner information and possible additional data on any given domain name.

7. ICANN Lookup

ICANN also offers its own inhouse domain lookup tool, which serves to reveal the age of any domain name.

ICANN Lookup

The ICANN Lookup tool is absolutely free and gives comprehensive information about domains, like age, owner information, etc.

8. DNS Checker Lookup

DNS Checker Lookup instantly avails you with IP Whois Lookup Tool. Simply enter an IP Address or domain name to find which organization or individual owns the domain or IP Address.

DNS Checker Lookup

It is a free tool which affords webmasters instant access to domain related information.

9. WhatIsMyIP Lookup

The Lookup information is available using the IP WHOIS Lookup tool for any domain name. And the results also show the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) assigned IP, the assigned owner, contact information, location and abuse report.

WhatIsMyIP Lookup

It easily reveals details on the age and other details about an IP domain.

10. Hexometer

The Whois service comes free and allows you to get information about any given domain name. Simply enter a domain name into the Domain Whois Lookup Service tool to search for additional information.

Hexometer Lookup

And there you have it, the comprehensive list of our top 10 free domain age finder tools. I hope you’ll find them pretty useful in checking out the domain age of your potential web properties!

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