Future of Blogging

The Future of Blogging Might Surprise You

Future of Blogging

We are content junkies, eager to consume anything that can brighten up or even destroy our day!

Yes, we love content…whether good, bad or ugly, we cannot wait to get our daily, hourly or by-the-minute fix of information.

You may have heard that blogging is dead, it is going to be replaced, but please, please don’t believe it as it is never going away and in fact, the future of blogging might just surprise you!

Years ago, you couldn’t imagine getting through the day without a copy of your favorite newspaper, you would take it with you and read it thoroughly until you discarded it, or if you were on a train, bus, areophane, most of you would, and without thinking hand it to the complete stranger who asked:

“Have you finished with that and would you mind if I read it?”

“Of course, and here you are,” as you would simply hand over something you had purchased.

It’s funny that despite the fact that we have purchased something, we will still happily give it away to a complete stranger…now would you do that with any other of your possessions?

But, knowing that tomorrow morning on your way to work, you will probably do exactly the same doesn’t seem to deter you with the spending of a what is a little money, in order to discard the item in the same way, just shows us that we:

  • Love to consume content
  • We love to share what we consume
  • And we will do it regularly

At the weekends, we will then sit down in the luxury of our homes and read certain content that was specifically devised for a Saturday and then again on Sunday.

Yes, content is produced specifically for a targeted audience and at the weekends, targeted days.

And I haven’t even touched on television or radio.

Now, I will say that compared to today, the content choices on all platforms were far more restricted and the only thing that gave us far more choices, were the amount of specialist publications – sports, technology, cooking, etc.

The Internet explosion

Neil Franklin Blogging Futurist

Most of us were content consumers, relying on professional journalists and writers to create that content, unless we regarded ourselves as “author or journalist” material, where we might, after taking a few courses at the local further education establishment, have a go at it ourselves.

Like a huge and uncontrollable explosion…we had the birth of the Internet and here is where it gets exciting because it was at first, an invisible explosion!

It happened, but very few people heard it!

I will explain…

Nobody unless they were part of the creation of the Internet could possible dream of the way it changed our lives and sticking with the topic of consumable content, it has changed everything.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with the history of the Internet and where it’s heading, but you may want to take a look at this article, “What is The Internet of Things.”

The Internet has revolutionized we live, work…and play.

It has slashed boundaries, enabled global connectivity and in the world of business…competitiveness beyond belief.

More importantly, it has given us valuable informational resources and from a rocky start where information was haphazard and reliable, we have moved into times where certain resources are very trusted and have become the go-to for many.

Google is without doubt the most popular search engine and it is focused on giving the user the best experience when it comes down to information and it is rapidly advancing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to make sure the experience is profitable…for them and you.

Profitable information is not about money…it is about value.

If you are looking for a simple dinner party recipe for some special guests, then it wants to give you the best and most trusted – and the same applies if you are writing a thesis.

The Future of Blogging, content and you

With regard to content, the Internet has levelled the playing field.

Now, anyone can produce content…what they want, when they want and in text, video, audio or all three formats.

They can write about their specialist subjects, their passions, they can produce daily video content like my youngest son, who talks about football, gaming and reviews technology…he is ten!

You don’t need any qualifications, as you can gather, re my son, nor do you need to write, talk of produce video professionally (although it can help if you want to be taken more seriously).

And that is because people are so eager to suck up content that they do not really care as long as they can get the information they require.

If you can help them solve a problem, connect with a like-minded person regarding a passion, or entertain them, then they are going to connect with you, interact with you and then buy from you if they are compelled to do so.

The “compelling” part is up to you – is your content and information worthy enough, is it providing trust and most importantly…value?

That is why if you have a passion or a specialty, you can get online and connect with a global and like-minded audience.

Take me for example – I have had a very interesting journey through life, entrepreneurship and business.

I also have many passions…entrepreneurship, business, martial arts, Olympic weightlifting, golf, cooking, reading and I could go on!

My mission is to share my knowledge and real-time experiences, to help and inspire others and I use my blog, as the vehicle to do so.

My blog is my first piece of Internet “real estate” and it started from the inspiration of Fernando Raymond, owner of Internet companies:

  • SeekaHost, providing high quality hosting services for individual bloggers and companies alike
  • SeekaHost University, providing online education for everyone
  • ClickDo, providing specific online marketing and web-design services


I saw Fernando as a “digital futurist,” who was passionate about the future of all things online to the tune of getting one-hundred million people online, especially from third-world countries!

The fact that he then, and still continues to offer free education on all things online caught my attention and gave me inspiration.

We both agree that one of the best ways to begin your online journey is to start a blog and to build it on a platform that you have total control over, unlike on third-party sites that can change the rules in a heartbeat.

The future of blogging is huge – ninety percent of the population are expected to be online by 2030 and they are all content junkies.

So, help them by providing it!

You can earn a serious living from blogging if you are really committed, but you have to put the work in…and consistently.

Take a look at this article – “The Top Ten Paid Bloggers In 2020.”

You can read more about my own story concerning blogging here and if you want to learn how to start a blog for free from SeekaHost, then go here.

There is so much knowledge and information lying dormant in people’s heads and it needs to be released to the world.

Think about the people that could benefit from your own experiences in life, both good and bad.

Take the first step and start a blog.

You may change your entire life!

Neil Franklin