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Importance of SSL Certificate Management

When SSL certificate are handled manually you might undergo various mistakes. So, that mistakes should be avoided. It is difficult to manage all your SSL certificates when you have more websites and its application. There may be many different tasks which might come from SSL certificate, that has to be handled without any mistakes.

In an enterprise, managing new SSL certificate may be a big deal. Because when any one certificate is expired, it has to be purchased, deployed, and renewed. Also want to Check whether each certificate is paired with correct web applications. It is good to have extended validation certificate. And this certificate is expensive.

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Validation certificate may be of different types. It is based on length, hash types, warranties. It is hard to find correct validating certificate for particular web application. There are many problems which are prevailing in the website or web applications. Researchers came to know that many companies are not using digital certificates, instead they are using certificates which are locally designed by the developer. These are not valid at some point and no one knows it.

Nowadays many companies are managing certificates digitally through spreadsheets. This may lead to losing of data, mismatched or misleading of web application certificates. If the web site is live and hosted public, the mistakes are considered as expensive. This may lead to create damage for the organization or entire website might get collapsed.

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One of the best way to store and retrieve certificates is automation. The certificates are automatically stored. There are some tools, that are automatically assigned to managers or certificate owners and they itself check for weekly certificates updates and renewal. Even though it is automatic system, it has some manual work to do. There is a chance of missing some certificates while scanning, so manual work is needed at some time. When you tend to purchase some automatic software for certificates, analyse and find these software work for all CA’s. Because some of them work for particular CA’s only.

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In a company many events are planned and conducted. To manage all those certificates, enterprise certificate handling is adopted. All the procedures are written, handled and communicated, in case of hacking and replacement. When you want to track down all certificates from CA, it is not easy job and it is time consuming. It takes lots of time to complete the task.

The article here is to demonstrate advantages of digital certificate management system by saying some negatives of manual certificate management system. If you are using manual system, it is the right time to change digitally.