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Secure Your Website With SSL – Important Update

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer is very much important for every website. It acts as a backbone of internet systems and protects the information shared over the networks. It is very much important and essential for every e-commerce website because most of the e-commerce websites were allowing the users to make an online payment. So to make the order successful, user clear the payment through Credit/Debit card payment or through some other internet banking systems. So to make the payment happen, people will enter the personal information like card number, name and so on. So it is important to hide it from other peoples.

If a website doesn’t have SSL Certificated and if it doesn’t show the secured symbol then don’t waste your time in visiting those websites. Yes, don’t share your personal information with someone who may do illegal activities with those.


Man In the Middle Attack

If a website doesn’t have SSL Certificate then it is possible for Man in the Middle Attack. Because there won’t be any encryption between your website and browser. So someone may interpret your connection between the browser and the web server. So all the unencrypted information will be collected by the person who interrupts it in between.

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How SSL Works?

Normally, if you enter the website URL in your browser then it will request the website content from the web server. So everytime when a user reacts with a website through the browser, then the content will be requested from the web server. So if you have SSL for your website, then all the data transfer between your browser and the web server will be encrypted. For example: If you enter any information on the website, it will be encrypted during the communication to the server. So it is not possible for Man in the Middle Attack or any data capture. Finally, you can surf safely on the websites secured with SSL.

How to Purchase SSL Certificate?

Purchasing an SSL Certificate is not a challenging task. If suppose, you don’t have enough time to configure the SSL Certificate or else you don’t have enough knowledge to process it, Don’t Worry. In Seekahost, you can purchase the SSL Certificate or else just submit your requirements as a ticket. Our team will process the orders.

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