Configure directory index file

What is Indexes in cPanel? – Directory index

Configure directory index file

A website may have a lot of directories but in some cases these directories are not arranged in a proper way. cPanel helps you to mention how directories on your website should be displayed. By default in cPanel, if there is no index file in a directory, the directory’s contents will be listed in the user’s browser. It’s highly not recommended as it’s a potential security threat.

Steps to enable index files in the cPanel directory

STEP 1: Login

Login to your cPanel account.

STEP 2: Indexes

Under the ‘Advanced’ section in cPanel, click on ‘Indexes’.

Indexes in cPanel

STEP 3: List of Directories

A list of directories of your site will be displayed. Click on a specific directory in which you wanted to manage indexes. You can also navigate one directory to another just by clicking on the directory name.

List of directories in cPanel

STEP 4: Types of Indexing

After selecting a particular directory, a list of options will be displayed. They are

  • Default System Indexing – This option is used to enable the default setting which was provided by the hosting service provider
  • No Indexing – It enables you to disable the index of the directory. If there are no index files (index.php or index.html), the directory will not be displayed
  • Standard Indexing – If it’s enable the directory and the name of the directory can be seen by the user when the index file is not present.
  • Fancy Indexing – It is similar to Standard Indexing. The user can be able to see the name and description of files of the index less directory.

Set indexing file for directory

STEP 5: Save Changes

Click on ‘Save’ to save the changes made to the directory.

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