11 reasons why you should learn to code before 2020

The world is changing fast and as this happens, more people are making use of the technology to communicate better and faster, research, make money and so on.

While this is going on, things that were regarded as unnecessary a few years ago are becoming increasingly crucial and one such thing is coding.

11 reasons to learn to code

Here are reasons why you should learn how to code.

1. The new world language

Coding is increasingly becoming popular as more and more human activities require software to make things run smoothly. By learning to code before 2020, you will become part of the new computer science world as you can also write codes to change lives

2. A good career move

Computer science is one of the most popular courses offered by virtually all colleges in the world. Coding will help you pick a career that will change your life for the better as many organizations and people want experts in this field.

3. Make a lot of money

As a coding expert, you are not always constrained to your day job. You can code during your free time and create programs or apps that you will sell and make huge sums of money from.

4. Contribute positively to society

There are many ways you can change the world around you and if you know how to code, you will decide to do the same. You can write software that will help improve the lives of people who need, for example, the sick and the elderly.

5. Tap into the market of connected devices

New devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers are being produced and apart from the basic operating systems, they need other applications and software to make their use easier and fun. By learning to code, you will be able to produce these apps and sell them or offer them for free, if you so wish.

6. Computers are reshaping the world

The world is no longer what it used to be thanks to computer technology and going forward, people who do not know how to code or at least know the basics of coding will be definitely be left out of the ever-changing world.

7. Help unleash creativity

Just as art or becoming an author, coding helps one creatively express their ideas. Apart from helping you as an adult, kids who are interested in computers can learn to code, have fun and express them well while at it


Other reasons why you should learn how to code before 2020 include

8. Critical thinking power

Helps provoke critical thought and solve problems. From coding, you learn to break down challenges and make them more manageable.

9. Create your own websites

Coding will make it possible for you to do things like creating your own websites thus saving you money

10. Coding skills to become self-employed

Coding enables you to work at your own time.

11. Remote working job opportunities

You will be able to work from anyone in the world

Learning to code will not only help you earn more money by doing relatively less work, but you will also have power to even turn down job offers or better yet, never have to look for work.

The world is changing fast and as more people are relying on computers, knowing how to fully utilize them is important.