.NL Domain

.NL Domain Name Rules and Requirement Policies

Does .NL country-level TLD has certain rules and requirements as policy? Yes, they do. Ignoring that might lead the domain service to get temporarily stopped, cancel, or delete of domain name from the registry. Let’s see the Rules and Requirements you must know before registering .NL Domain.


.NL Domain Name:

The .NL is the country code TLD for the Netherlands and is regulated by SIDN. Apart from common domain registration requirements, it has certain regulations required if you are registering, transferring, renewing, or deleting .NL domain.

NL Domain


Rules and Requirements – .NL Domain Policy:


1. Register the domain with the Netherland location address details or any country address (not for any third party). The registry will replace the actual address with “SIDN-specified domicile address” provided as the local presence for the registrant.

2. You must do the data verification through mail by the registry if requested in mail and you need to respond within three days or any timeframe mentioned. If failed, you will face the following issues on your end:

  • Delink or modify the domain’s name servers and the domain will be change to ‘inactive’ status.
  • They will cancel the domain if still data verification is not completed or not responded to the mail.

If we receive any mail from registry along with you, we will intimate you to your registered mail ID requesting to follow-up the process.

3. DNNSEC, Domain Transfer lock, ID protection is not supported and will not work.

4. Domains cannot be registered with IDNs domain name.

5. Second level TLD cannot be registered. Only can register with .nl domain name.

Nameserver Requirement:

1. The domain must have two nameservers.

2. There must two unique IPs assigned to the two nameservers.



1. You can do explicit renewal for the .NL Domain but has to be done at least 2 days before the expiry date.

2. If the domain is not renewed in that timeframe, it will go into the redemption period (There is no grace period). If goes into redemption period, there will be a redemption cost applicable with renewal cost.



1. To transfer the .NL Domain, it can be done at anytime and there is no 60 day lock period.

2. Authentication/EPP codes expire after 30 days once it is generated.

3. Once domain is transferred, the registration period will start from transfer date.



1. If the domain is not renewed, it will automatically cancelled and available for registering again.

2. For immediate domain deletion, please contact us within 3 days of registering the domain.


Hope this information helps you.

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