Password Protection For Directory in cPanel

How to do Password Protection for Directory in cPanel?

We know that there are various features are available in cPanel. In this article, we are going to know a feature called ‘Directory Protection’ in cPanel. This directory protection feature allows the user to protect the directory with a username and password.  Below mentioned are the steps to create password protection for the directory in cPanel.

Configure Password for Directory in cPanel

STEP 1: Directory Privacy

Type ‘Directory Privacy’ in the search box and click on it.

Directory Privacy in cPanel


STEP 2: Navigating Through Directories

Open the directory privacy configuration and navigate through the directories in which you want to protect. You can simply click on the ‘icon’ to open the directory folder. Click on the name to select the ‘folder’.

Navigating through directories


STEP 3: Select the Directory

Select the directory which you want to protect by clicking on the name of the folder. You will get a configuration as mentioned below.

Choosing the directories


STEP 4: Password Protection for Directory

Select ‘Password protect for this directory’ checkbox and enter a name for the protected directory which will display in the front end. Click ‘Save’

STEP 5: User Creation for Directory

Under ‘Create User’ menu. Enter the username and password to create a new user.

STEP 6: Save the Process

Click ‘Save’ to give access to this user. You can also create more than one user here.