Risk Factors in Hosting a Website in Your Own System

Hosting is the very basic and important thing for a website. Most of the people won’t think about hosting the domains in their own system. To do that it is very simple and we just need a server application, Static IP address and reliable internet connection. It is interesting one to experiment but there are risk factors in hosting a website in your own system.

  • Static IP Address – You must get the static IP Address from your Internet Service provider. Because you must need a Public IP to reach your website from anywhere over the web.
  • Security Issues  There are more possibilities to receive the security attacks through the network. As we were hosting in our own system, the protection will be very much less when compared to other server providers.
  • Data Storage – Data storage plays a major role for websites. If you are uploading high definition images or video, or downloadable files then it may occupy large storage.
  • Internet Connectivity – Internet is the very basic and important thing to make your website live. Your internet connectivity must be good to load your website in minimum loading time. Sometimes website will load so quick within your network but it will take more time while accessing outside of your network.

proper website migration

  • Multiple Users – When the website is brought to live then we can’t restrict the number of users to visit the site simultaneously. So network must support multiple users to access the website at single time. Also network speed must be good to provide data simultaneously for multiple users without any flaw.
  • Resource Availability – The Resource used to host the website like Computer, internet, Modem or other physical components must run 24/7 without any problems. Because keeping the website Up at most of the time is very much important. Also if one of the needed components gets disturbed then the whole website will get collapsed and it won’t be visible for the users who visits our site.
  • Support – If we hosted our site in some other’s server or hosting then we may expect the support from them. But if you are hosting in your own system then there won’t be anyone to provide you support. You must be capable of identifying and solving the problems at the earliest to make your website Up.