How to Safeguard the PBN Domains?

PBN – Public Blog Network which is the most used and considered to be the most important one by the SEO Consultants. PBN Links are very powerful and it helps a lot in ranking a website even for a very competitive keywords. But there is something more important that you need to consider when you are providing PBN Links or maintaining a PBN Blogs.

Why You Must Safe Guard the PBN?

As you know that PBN Blogs were high quality domains and there may be frequent attacks to the site or to hack the site. So once the site is hacked by someone then they can insert some unwanted scripts or may delete the files which makes us difficult to recover.

Known fact is that the PBN’s were not managed properly by most of the people which allows the intruder to enter into the site. Some of the flaws through which the intruder enters into the site are

  • Theme files
  • Old plugins (or) unsecured plugins.
  • Other Unwanted files like Documents.
  • Other corrupted files or unsecured files.

forgot my wordpress password

Must needed things to Secure the PBN?

If you bought the PBN and hosted it with  WordPress then it is a quick things to know what all to be set to avoid those hacks. For a WordPress website, the must needed Plugins are listed below.

  • Security Plugins
    • WordFence or ithemes Security is the suggested security plugins by most of the experts.
    • Installing alone wont’t matter, you must configure manually to avoid the unwanted attempts.
  • Disable Comments
    • Most of the PBN Posts will get tons of comments and which actually slows down the entire system.
    • Avoid comments i your PBN because you not going to check those manually.

These two are the most important plugin you must configure to secure the PBN blogs.