How Security Control Effects Web Security?

Web security controls is both good and bad according to the IT environment. The reasons are mentioned below.

Usually web security testing are done when all the documents are disclosed. But nowadays this is not happening. Web security testing can be done by two phases. One is, we can find the security flaws and can give protection. They may be in security goals at some time it is not possible to find all the flaws.

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Firewall is best known for security purpose. When the web application is performed, it is necessary to enable the firewall access. Only then web applications can be protected from vulnerability. In many applications, these firewall security are enabled for some time and then it is turned off. Why you people are not leaving them for all the time? the purpose of enabling is nothing but finding all the security flaws.

Denial-of-service prevention, port scanning detection can even stop a network or even block the web scanner and all the tracking and scanning of websites will be stopped. Perimeter controls, and bandwidth will be stopped, and HTTPS tracking might also get collapsed. Many of them will disable the security, because it will help to maximize the efficiency. Managers and security department people, will do the thing to protect the website.

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Nowadays many security flaws are facing by many countries. Many government organisations are in demand of security. Also many are exploited and failed in vulnerability test, so that other remaining scans might stop in the middle and also other tests cannot be continued.

The only solution to communicate to others in the future is giving report. The report should state that particular testing is stopped and failed so that other remaining tests wasn’t able to perform. So you can give recommendations, saying that the particular authority people can perform full and proper web security assessment in the next immediate future.

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Before checking of any websites you should understand two different questions and try to take decisions. The questions are, are you trying to test your IT or security controls or are you trying to test your web application vulnerabilities. You should understand and decide what type of testing you are trying to do.

I have seen these in two different emails, one is phishing emails and other is malicious emails. They both are different in the point of end user.

In my point if view, web security testing is very important. If you do deep testing and analyse full website only you will be able to find and correct the flaws.