Simple Steps to Start Your Own Website

Everyone will have a dream to create their own website and to establish their own brand. I have read many blogs and posts which shows it as a complex task to create a website and to manage it. But I didn’t feel so. Here are the simple steps to start your own website in SEEKAHOST with all features at Comfortable Pricing.

Steps to Create a Website

  • Domain Name

The domain is your Website Name. It is the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) which will be Unique and it is used to identify your website over the web. Domain Name is the user-friendly identification system using which people finds you or your business over online.

register domain in seekahost

If someone has already the name you are searching for then try some other alternatives. Register Your Domain Now. Click Here – >

  • Web Hosting

In simple words, Web Hosting is the place to store your website data & files on the Internet. For each search, it will fetch data from the Hosting. Web Hosting Service is a type of Internet Hosting Service. It runs on the internet servers and which allows the organization or the individual to serve content to the internet.

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Don’t worry about Hosting & pricing. Here Seekahost offers you Best Pricing for Personal & Business Web Hosting.

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  • CMS – Content Management System

Content Management System is the computer application which supports to create, edit or to delete the content. It also supports multiple users to work on the same website on different pages.

wordpress cms

Once after purchasing your domain & hosting, you will be provided with control panel details. In Seekahost, we provide you Softaculous to make you CMS Installation very simple.

  • Design & Publish Your Website

There are lots and lots of Free themes available over the web. Choose the best one for your website and customize. If you are looking to choose the premium themes then that is well and good. Because in some free themes you can’t do some changes as it may damage your website like anything.

secured website

These are the simple steps to develop your own website. If you are facing any issues with website loading or anything related to a website, get support from Seekahost customer support. We providing the best-supporting services for Customer with our experienced experts’ team.