SSD or HDD? Which one is better for Server?


Before getting into the topic, let’s know what is meant by SSD and HDD.


The SSD is known as Solid-State Drivers which are used for storage purposes. These SSD are capable of storing mass data which are specially used in servers. It is a kind non-volatile memory, where the memory doesn’t gets erased even there is a sort of power supply.



The HHD can be abbreviated as Hard Disk Drive is similar to the storage device SSD. This is a device capable of controlling the major functions such as reading, writing, and data storage on the Hard Disk.


In this article, we have explained you the difference between the SSD & HDD and which is better to use in servers. We have compared and differentiated the SSD & HDD based on five major categories.

The Five Major Categories


Most of the servers used both the devices. But when it comes to Speed, the Solid State Drivers (SSD) are more faster than the Hard Disk Drive (HDD).  The SSD are faster because of the technology that has been implemented in it. SSD are the latest ones than the HDD. That’s the reason the major hosting providers & other services prefer using SSD in their servers. The SSD’s are more lighter than the HDD.


The next category is the Durability. In SSD there are no moving parts included in the device. Where as in HDD, it consists of spinning disks, platters which results in generating some noise while it is in process. There is no vibration in SSD as there are no moving parts. You can sense a little bit of vibration in HDD as there are presence of moving parts. This time, SSD wins under the Durability category.


When it comes to capacity, the SSD uses less capacity than HDD. Normally, the SSD uses 4Tb in laptops when compared to HDD. Whereas HDD uses more than 6Tb in laptops. Even though the capacity is high for HDD, it lags on write/read speed. This is the major drawback for this device. Even when the capacity is low, the SSD gives out the best performance. By capacity, HHD wins. But, when comes to performance the SSD wins.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency devices are more preferred in modern days. The latest technology SSD draws only minimum power. Also, the power drain is not much when compared to HDD. The older technology HDD, draws a maximum amount of power when compared to SSD. In these devices, both the SSD & HDD generates heat.


Cost is one of the decision making factor in every things. So, as we know that the latest technology SSD costs more than older technology, HDD. Even when the price is cheap many hosting service providers prefer purchasing the HDD than SSD. If you buy SSD then it can satisfy most of the customers. The great and biggest disadvantage of SSD is the price. But, it is still worth purchasing. Therefore, HHD wins under this category.

Finally, you may have got a clear view about the devices (SSD & HDD). We conclude that using SSD gives you more advantages than using HHD if you are not much concentrated on the price segment.

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