Why SSL Certificates are important for your Website/Blog domain?

4 checkpoints that ALERT you to own SSL Certificate!

SSL an abbreviation for Secure Socket Layer symbolizes an encryption technique by means of which a safe and secure channel is established amidst the web server and the web browser of the user. And why it’s required? Well, numerous transactions like payments via credit/debit card, logins, data transfer, important emails and traversal of other private information over the social networking sites keep on happening on the Internet. If a website is not secured this critical information can be easily hacked and misinterpreted. So, it’s extremely mandatory for a website to own an SSL certificate as emphasized by Google too.

SSL enabled website will be prefixed with a lock icon before the https:// in the URL. This ensures that the website is safeguarded with SSL Certificate. Moreover, Google ranks these websites favorably somewhat higher in its search results as they promise and guarantee security. With innumerable websites over the World Wide Web, Internet users are well aware and careful enough to keep their hands off from the untrusted websites.  This is all the truer where payment procedures are involved. Users don’t want to transact on such websites because the tiny green lock is not visible in their URL. So more than brandishing and marketing one’s website, locking it is a more wise decision.

Here come the 4 checkpoints that ALERT you to own SSL Certificate!

  1. Higher Security

In simple and straight forward terms, it’s only through SSL that your website can vouch for any sort of safe and secure transactions, keeping the hackers and attackers at bay.

  1. Securing of Sub-Domains

SSL Certificate HTTPsThough an SSL Certificate protects your entire website every subdomain needs their own certification. As an alternative, owning a special SSL Certificate (referred to as ‘Wildcard’) will certainly resolve this issue.


  1. Gaining Visitor’s Trust

Admit the fact that one believes what one sees! And the Internet users are magnetized towards the lock appearing in your URL. It’s a symbol of trustworthiness for the visitors browsing your website.

  1. SEO Benefit

With the adoption of SSL Certificate, a considerable advantage of SEO rankings by Google can be gained.

Though the SSL Certificates may incur additional cost and may involve complexity while choosing the right on, they are worthy for the well-being of your websites. Thinking… how to go about it? Well, these certificates must be purchased from trustworthy hosting sites which really have established their mark and reputation in the web industry.

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Apart from this SeekaHost has a wide range of SSL Certifications for Domain Validation, Business Validation, Extended Validation, Wildcard, and UCC/SAN.

Remember, in the website world, the lock is the entrance for your visitors!  So go ahead and get one.