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Super Fast Web Hosting Helps Your Website Rank #1 On Google

Web Hosting is also playing some important role in ranking your website speed. If you don’t have proper web hosting, then your website may go down frequently due to various issues. Google won’t give preference for the sites which takes a long time to respond.

How Web Hosting affects a Website?

Normally, every web hosting company will provide the shared hosting and another customized web hosting by splitting the resource allocated for a huge server. When it comes to shared web hosting, the client will see like unlimited space, unlimited mail id and so on, but when a huge amount of traffic enters into a server through different websites then the server speed will be reduced. Finally, it will be affecting all the sites hosted on the particular servers.

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Some of the errors that arise due to server issues are Internal Server Error, Increase in loading time, Database Connectivity Errors and so on. If the server is loaded with a huge number of websites, then if multiple people try to modify or to check a website then it will result in Internal Server Error. For this you don’t want to raise a ticket to your support team, it will be solved automatically. Come out of your website and check it after few mins, it must work perfectly now.

Rank #1 on Google with Super Fast Web Hosting

If your website loads super fast, then it will easy to rank your website on top of Search Results. For example, One of the Websites hosted with Seekahost under Premium Business Web Hosting Package is ClickDo, which is ranking NO. 1 for the various keyword like SEO Consultant London, Local SEO Blueprint and many SEO Agency/Company terms in the UK.

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Even though if you have good On-Page or Off Page SEO without proper web hosting or website speed, then you can’t rank your website. Google prefers to show the websites with Good Page Speed and Quality contents. Nowadays there are various other factors like Responsiveness, Mobile Friendly and so on were influencing the ranking as well. These things were just to provide the best user experience for the people who search through their search engine.

No Cheap Web Hosting for a Business

It is recommended not to go with Cheap Web Hosting for a Business Website. Because the major difference between the cheap web hosting and other business web hosting can be classified into 2 types as Security and Resource Allocation.

Security – The Security or the Backup provided for the Business Web Hosting will not be provided for PBN Hosting packages. Because Private Blog Network is a set of high-quality domains which helps in increasing the authority of the Money sites. Also when it comes to a business website, security is very much important. When it comes to PBN Domains, there is more possibility to get regular attacks and other security issues as well. Most of the People who host the PBN Domains will not maintain it properly and it will act as a gate for hacking. So it may affect the relevant domains too.

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Resource Allocation – For a PBN Domain, it is enough to have 500MB Disk Space and 5000MB Bandwidth. There will not be any need for Sub Domains or Email Ids. But when it comes to Business Website, it is recommended to have 1000MB of Disk Space with unlimited bandwidth, subdomains and Email Ids as well. Because the subdomains and Email Ids will vary based on the business. The major problem with a Cheap Web Hosting is Website Speed. As the resource allocation will not be sufficient for a business website, it will make the website very slow.

If a PBN Domain is receiving more downtime, it won’t be an issue. But if a business website is down for a minute or an hour, it may destroy their business. So host your website in the Business Web Hosting or other Dedicated Web Hosting for a better experience.

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