Top 10 Best PHP IDE in 2019

IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a feature-packed tool which allows the developers in carrying out the essential tasks of coding, compiling, executing and debugging at a centralized place.


Selecting the ideal IDE has significant importance in producing constructive and quality code. When dealing with PHP software development, there are plenty of IDE’s as well as code editor on which you can get your hands through.

These PHP IDE are loaded with various advanced features and functionalities to suit one’s project requirements.

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Which one to opt for? Essentially, this query can be categorized into two parts. For learners, beginners or even enterprise developers who are seeking interest in PHP development can initiate their start using Net Beans, Eclipse or VIM.

One can download them for free. For corporate or commercial purposes, there are sophisticated IDEs that are powered by enterprises, enabling powerful and enhanced features.

Best PHP IDE in 2019

Among all, let’s state the Top 10 Best PHP IDE in 2019, according to the order of their importance and popularity.

1. PHPStorm

Highly preferred by most of the developers, PHPStrom is loaded with the latest collection of features that enables rapid development. It is highly workable with frameworks like CakePHP, Symphony, Laravel, Zend and Yii along with supporting CMS’s like WordPress, Drupal, and Magento. Moreover PHPStrom aids in live editing of front end applications such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Stylus and many more. It can be availed free of cost for open source projects or with a license cost for high end developers.

2. NetBeans

Initially, NetBeans was known for Java development. With new and updated releases, NetBeans turned out to be lightweight and quick, as a result, this PHP IDE has become a favorable choice for many. NetBeans is free and can be availed in multiple languages. It was initially founded by Sun Microsystem and thereafter was taken over by Oracle. It has good support for many key frameworks and is workable with WordPress CMS. Some top key features offered by NetBeans include:

  • Code generation tools
  • Try/catch code compilation
  • Code folding and formatting
  • Rectangular selection
  • Web Development via Jscript, HMTL, and CSS

3. Eclipse PDT

Eclipse being yet another commonly utilized Open Source too for developing PHP projects. It comprises of a huge community of skilled developers making it enriched with a variety of plugins and features that are at par with other top IDEs. Unlike other business oriented IDE, one may find Eclipse time consuming when dealing with system configuration. But it will help you in cost-cutting. Besides, it’s enriched with the following set of attributes:

  • Code navigation, formatting and assisting
  • Code templates
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Syntax validation
  • PHP debugging 

4. Zend Studio

Introduced by the Zend organization and skilled web developers, Zend Studio boasts to be the supreme commercial PHP IDE. It’s workable on platforms such as Linux, Windows, and OSX. Armored with top class features and instinctive UI (User Interface), it eases out the entire web development process, encompassing the following merits

  • Powerful code editor supporting HTML, CSS, and Jscript
  • Quick in searching PHP code, validation, and indexing
  • Supports Eclipse plugins ecosystem, Docker and Git Flow support
  • Cloud support for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Supports mobile application development

5. Aptana Studio

Launched by Aptana Inc in the year 2014, Aptana claims to be among the finest open source development tool. Its Accessibility and ease of availability make it quite popular among the PHP developer community. It’s loaded with features such as

  • Built-in PHP Server
  • Support for CSS and DOM
  • Offers Syntax Error Annotations
  • Allows Code Formatting and Auto Indexing

6. Sublime Text 3

This lightweight text editor gives a tough competition to others that are sturdy in the market. It is workable on Linux, Windows, and OSX. Multiple plugins and package empower Sublime. By making use of different PHP packages that are prevalent across, this smart editor can be uplifted as a glorified PHP IDE. Add on packages such as xDebug client- CodeBug, Sublime PHP companion, PHPCS, CodIntel aids in achieving this purpose.

7. Atom

Composed by GitHub, Atom is an advanced free code editor (under MIT License). Backed by the powerful community it has its own ecosystem with innumerable plugins and packages that widely stretches its functionality. It’s highly scalable and flexible in nature allowing you to switch over to PHP online editor of your choice and provides good cross platform support.

8. Cloud 9

As the name indicates, Cloud9 IDE is cloud-based. That is one if free to access, code and execute projects from any location via the Internet. It comprises of all the essential tools catering to multiple programming languages such as PHP, JScript, and Python. So no hassle of any such further installations. One can build upon server-less applications with ease of defining resources, debugging or even switching among executions of local and remote applications. Besides it offers the benefits of coding with mere a browser itself and aids in building real time code mutually.

9. Komodo

Established in the year 2010, this IDE is best suited and acclaimed for PHP MYSQL development. Its foundation being Mozilla and Scintilla as they offer high functionality, attributes and support similar languages. It offers the following highlights

  1. Instant Bookmarking
  2. Split View and Multi Window option
  3. Smart Language Detector
  4. DOM Viewer

10. NuSphere

This PHP IDE aims in developing and providing the best web development tools. NuSphere offers the latest PHP editor, supporting PHP 7 along with various prior and new PHP frameworks including Laravel, Yii and Symfony and CMS such as WordPress and Joomla. Its feature-packed with web development tool providing support for CSS pre-processing, JavaScript debugging, HTML5 and many more options.

As an advice, chalk out your essential pre-requisites and explore among the above 10 best flavors of PHP IDE that best comply with your requirements.

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