How to Transfer Domain Ownership

How to Transfer Domain Ownership: Step-by-Step Guide

There are different reasons to transfer domain ownership from one to another. Whether you sold the domain name, bought a domain as a gift, or leaving an organization, where you want to give the ownership to others, you must follow a process to make sure it’s done right. The process is simple and relatively quick. Read up on all the information provided below and make the process simple.

How to Transfer Domain Ownership

Transfer Domain ownership to a new owner

Before starting the transfer of domain ownership, you have to identify whether you are transferring domain to another registrar or within the same domain registrar.

Transferring to another registrar

Make sure in which registrar your domain is currently registered with and where the domain ownership is being transferred to, these are consist of below steps,

1: Disable WHOIS Privacy Protection.

If you’re transferring to new registrar, then they need to verify the ownership of the domain. So, you need to keep the WHOIS Privacy Protection disabled.

2: Unlock the domain.

Mostly the domain has a transfer lock applied to prevent unwanted or accidental transferring of the domain. While transfer, it will need to be unlocked. This can typically be done through the client area; otherwise, contact customer support for assistance and instructions.

3: Verify the registrar’s email id.

Make sure the current registrar’s administrative email id accessible and active, so it can be used for the ownership verification. Changing the email id might result in a 60-day transfer lock on the domain, and in-accessible email id will make it an even more delayed process. Also, this is to avoid fraudulent activities.

4: Purchase a transfer

Need to Purchase a domain transfer with the registrar where you would like to move your domain name.

5: Get the transfer authorization code

This is like a password. You will receive an authorization code in your mail. Some registrars may use a different term, like EPP keysecret code or auth code.

6: Request a domain transfer

The new registrar will request the current registrar to transfer the domain name.  Registrars will give 5 days to return communication; otherwise, the current registrar will assume the transfer has been rejected.

7:  Approve transfer request email.

When the new domain owner requests a transfer, the current domain’s owner will receive an email. When you receive a request for authorization from your current registrar to transfer the domain name, confirm the transfer.

The new registrar will notify you once the domain name has been successfully transferred. The entire process typically takes 1 to 10 days, depending on the domain registrar.

Transferring the domain within SeekaHost

Transferring the domain within SeekaHost – from one user to another user, the process is a lot more straightforward:

Step 1: Contact SeekaHost

Contact SeekaHost through live chat or Ticket and let us know to transfer the domain.

Step 2: Registrar lock

Unlock the domain register lock.

Step 2: One time PIN

After Receiving transfer request, we will mail you a unique PIN to the primary email contact.

Step 3:  Contact SeekaHost with your PIN.

Contact us through our live chat or ticket and verify the PIN that we have sent you.

Step 4: Domain Transfer

Tell us the account you would like to transfer the domain. If the domain’s receiver already has a SeekaHost account, we can verify that account by sending another unique PIN to the primary email address in that account. If the receiver does not have SeekaHost account, create a new one for them. Follow the steps above to transfer your domain name.