How to Transfer your domains to SeekaHost

How to transfer your domains from NameCheap to SeekaHost?

SeekaHost offers you an easy way of transferring your domains from other registrars to us. Here, I have explained the steps to be followed to transfer the domains.

Firstly, In your Old Domain Registrar, You have to request for “transfer domain”, where they will send you EPP Code (Authentication Code), which is must for transferring domains.

How to Transfer Domains From NameCheap to SeekaHost?

Let’s take NameCheap as your Source Domain Registrar. Before following the steps to transfer the domains from NameCheap to SeekaHost, You have to Make Sure the Following Condition Applies,

  • The domain you have registered in NameCheap must be more than 60 days old, (It’s Common for any domain registrar).
  • Make sure the registered mail id is still active to receive the EPP Code.

Below are the steps you have to follow.

Step 1 – NameCheap Domain List

Login to Your NameCheap Account. On Selecting “Domain List” at left Sidebar, Click on “Manage” appropriate to the domain you would like to transfer.

Namecheap domain transfer

Step 2 – Sharing and Transfer

Select “Sharing & Transfer”. If your Domain Lock is “ON”, you must Unlock it and Select “Auth Code” to receive the EPP Code to the registrant email address.
As Mentioned in NameCheap:
(From here, you can transfer your domain name out from Namecheap to another registrar. To transfer out, you will need to make sure that Domain Lock is turned OFF and get an Auth Code. After you place the request here, we’ll send your Auth Code to the registrant email address specified for this domain. It may take up to 5 days for the transfer to be completed.)

Sharing and Transfer in NameCheap

Transfer your domains to SeekaHost:

You can transfer your domain at SeekaHost only after receiving the EPP Code (Authentication Code).

Step 1 – Register

You have to be a registered user in SeekaHost – Steps for Creating Account in SeekaHost

Step 2 – Transfer

Under Domains Drop-Down, Select “Transfer Domains to Us”, fill the domain and click on “Check Availability”.

Transfer domain to SeekaHost

Step 3 – Available to Order

If your domain is already registered, it will be shown as “Available! Order Now”. Select that domain to be transferred and click on “Add to Cart”.

Transfer domains

Step 4 – Enter the EPP Code

Enter the EPP code you have received from your previous registrar and Update the cart.

You can select DNS Management and Email Forwarding as they are free, whereas ID protection is of your choice. Enabling ID Protection will restrict the 3rd party from seeing your personal details with WhoIs information.

Transfer Domain With EPP Code

For the domain transfer to get completed, it might take from 5 to 7 days from the date you have processed the payments at SeekaHost (Destination Registrar).