How To Use Promo Code in SeekaHost

How To Use Promo Code In SeekaHost?

In this article, we have guided you how to use promo code in SeekaHost. Let’s get into the steps given below.

STEP 1: Login

At first, log in to your SeekaHost account. If you are not a registered user, you can click on ‘Sign Up’ and Register.


Login Client Area

STEP 2: Order New Service

After logging in to order a new service, select the package as per your requirements and click on ‘Order Now’.


Order New Services

STEP 3: Check Availability

Enter the domain name in the text box and select the domain. After that, click on ‘Use’.

Choose a domain

STEP 4: Choose the Billing Cycle

Select the billing cycle as you like and click continue which displays on your right side.


Adding to cart

STEP 5: Validate the Code

After clicking continue, you will be directed to the ‘Review and Checkout’ page and you can check the details you have ordered.  If you have the promo code, enter in the text box under the promotional code and click on ‘Validate Code’.

After the validation of the promo code if you want to purchase other products/services, click on ‘Continue Shopping’ or scroll down.


Validate Promo Code

STEP 6: Order Completion

Choose your payment method and select the checkbox, by accepting the terms and policies of our services and click on ‘Checkout’.


Checkout Order


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If you are a registered user in SeekaHost and have any queries to be clarified or issues to be sorted, you can raise a ticket through client area dashboard or email to [email protected]. For immediate interaction or guidelines, contact our support team available in LiveChat at the right bottom corner of the website.