Website Virus Scanner in cPanel

How to Use Website Virus Scanner in cPanel?

A virus scanner is the most important feature in the application side and also even for the websites, servers, etc., cPanel with a virus scanner is a huge advantage for the hosting users. This helps the hosting users to safeguard their files, folders, etc., from the harmful threats. The user can also scan the different sectors of the home directory by using the antivirus.

Scan Account with Virus Scanner in cPanel

STEP 1: Opening the Virus Scanner

Type ‘Virus Scanner’ in the search box and click on it.

Virus Scanner in cPanel


STEP 2: Scan Now

Choose the type of scan from the given options for scanning. Click ‘Scan now’.

Scan Entire Home Directory – This option helps you to scan the entire cPanel. If you choose this option, you don’t need to scan on other options.

Scan Mail – It scans your emails for viruses.

Scan Public FTP Space – It scans the public_ftp folder.

Scan Public Web Space – It scans the public_html folder, where all the end files reside.

Scanning cPanel


STEP 3: Completion of Virus Scan

After scanning, it notifies that the ‘Virus Scan is complete’ and ‘ No Viruses found’. If there is a presence of malware, it displays the files which are infected.

STEP 4: Process Cleanup

You can remove the malware by checking the buttons under the option ‘Destroy’ and click on ‘Process Cleanup’. Now, the malware from your cPanel is totally removed.