What Are .io Domains Used for & How To Register Via

Dot io domains are on the rise on this guide will learn what are .io domains used for and how to register via SeekaHost.


Every business needs a digital footprint. More importantly, they need a website URL or domain name that is easy to remember.

A catchy domain name is a must-have. But it’s getting harder than ever these days to get what you need.

There are millions of .com websites on the internet. According to Verisign, there are almost 173.4 million .COM-based URLs.

Worry not. There is a new TLD, a top level domain that has gained popularity.

.IO has become really widespread in the past few years.

Less than 2% of the domains are registered under this TLD so there is no problem getting the URL you want.

What is the .IO domain name?

.IO is a ccTLD. That stands for country code top level domain.

Other examples of ccTLD are .NL for New Zealand and .PK for Pakistan.

Which country does .IO belong to?

It is used by the islands collectively known as the British Indian Ocean Territory. These islands are located in the Indian Ocean midway between Tanzania and Indonesia and off the far southern tip of India and Sri Lanka.

Of these tiny islands, only Diego Garcia is inhabited. The island is well known as a base for the US Navy.

Why use the .IO domain name?

There are probably 170 ccTLDs in all. Why choose .IO domain all of a sudden. What has made it so favored among tech entrepreneurs?

Excellent question and I am glad you asked it.

The trend began a few years back when tech businesses wanted to have a separate niche.

.COM was overcrowded and .APP often did not describe the purpose.

.IO is very similar to I/O or input/output, a technical term widely used in the tech industry for measuring various parameters and functions.

Thus began the use of .IO by online businesses such as, and

The first one relates to Android development.

The other two enterprises are about cryptocurrency, NFT, and blockchain.

Benefits of .IO domain name

1. Widely Available

This is the most important reason. No one can find a good .COM name easily anymore.

Remember, a good website name is all about the effortless recall.

That means you need a word that is easy to remember as the basis for your URL.

With .IO you can find thousands of names that have not yet been taken up.

2. Easy Recall

Let’s say you want to start an online store that sells baubles and junk jewelry.

What will the probable lead want? To buy jewelry, of course. and are easily available and waiting for you to set up an online business.

Besides, the .IO suffix is quite remarkable. Your customer won’t spend time trying to figure out if you are at .COM or .BIZ or .SHOP since .IO is so easy to remember.

What makes it so effortless? I and O are adjacent to each other as vowels and “A, E, I, O, U” is a string we have all learned in junior school.

3. Not Geo-Tagged

Google has realized that global businesses are using .IO

This is why the engineers at Google have stopped geotagging it. What is geotagging? For example an Indian car company with .IN suffix would be mostly shown to search about cars originating in India.

That is perfectly valid since a business with a .CA suffix probably has most if not all its clients in Canada.

For this reason, many businesses prefer .COM since it is a gTLD or general purpose TLD.

But the elevation of .IO from ccTLD to gTLD by Google means you will show up in searches from around the world.

Note that it is not a gTLD according to ICANN but Google treats it as such.

That is absolutely perfect for any business related to the tech scene that wants to promote its sales across the world.

Without any doubt .COM still does it better but not many are easily available.

Site name is a part of your brand

Would you want your startup to be registered as a .EDU or .ORG?

You can if you want.

There is no rule that your business has to service the education sector for a .EDU suffix. Neither do you need to run a non-profit to become eligible for a .ORG

But I know you are not going to.

It is simply because customers won’t take seriously.

Our mind becomes accustomed to symbols as a customer.

The word “Jeep” and we immediately think of an off-roader wading through mud and slush. Say “Lexus” and we think of luxury.

The association of a brand with a URL happens very often.

We no longer think of a river when someone says Amazon. Instead, the word conjures up the landing page of the world’s largest online retailer.

It is true for every business and if you want to make your business belong to the tech space it’s time to use a .IO website.

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As the owner of a startup, you seek the peace of mind from the hosting service provider. There is already so much that you have to do from product design to scaling up the business.

The last thing you want is to hear that web hosting is not working perfectly and the site is frozen at Home Page.

Why is SeekaHost so good?

1. Affordable

SeekaHost provides the cheapest domain name registration services.

You can buy a .IO for as little as $78 annually.

There are other TLDs that are priced between $10 and 20 per year.

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You get an SSL certificate that makes your site absolutely secure.

Without an SSL certificate, your site would be shown way down in SERP.

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3. Best Hosting

SeekaHost offers personal web hosting for as little as $2.50 per month. That’s less than the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

For slightly more, you get Business Plans at $10 / month.

It’s important to save as much as you can in your bootstrapping days.

I know since I was an entrepreneur like you a decade ago, saving a penny here and a cent there.

That is why my services are by an entrepreneur for an entrepreneur.

3.  24×7 Customer Support

Your business can never be down. it has to be online at every moment and make sure that the leads get transferred to the landing page without any glitch.

SeekaHost offers 24×7 customer care through phone, chat, and email.

If your site went down or the pages are not loading fast enough just call us and we shall solve the problem instantly.

Buy a .IO domain name from us and we shall ensure that it is the best business decision you take.