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How does Shared Web Hosting work?

Are you looking to host your website under Shared Web Hosting Plan? Then before choosing that plan you must know about working procedure of shared web hosting and its implementation.

How Shared Web Hosting Works?

Shared Web Hosting is one of the Web Hosting Service where more than one website will be hosted in the single web server connected with Internet. It is the basic plan provided by the web hosting companies. Shared Hosting is less expensive and it will comfortable for the website whose traffic is low. It is not recommended for a website with high traffic to host in Shared Hosting because it may require more bandwidth. If you host a high traffic website in shared web hosting, you will face page speed issues and sometimes the site will not lead properly. Most web development companies providing hosting services at very low cost by purchasing a cloud or reseller hosting from the hosting providers.

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Shared Web Hosting Implementation

Shared Web Hosting can be implemented through two ways.

Name Based

Name Based Virtual Hosting is also called as Shared IP Hosting. In Name Based Hosting, multiple domains were hosted in a single machine with single IP address. This is possible because if a web browser requests the resources from the web server using HTTP/1.1 which includes the hostname as a part of the request. So the server will use this information to decide which website is requested and it will deliver the contents of that particular website.

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IP-based virtual hosting is also called as Dedicated IP Hosting. In IP-based hosting, each domains will have individual IP address. Here the web server will be configured with multiple physical network interface or with virtual network interface on same physical interface. The web server software decides the website based on the IP address.