secure sockets layer

What is SSL Certificate and How it Works ?

Nowadays, Website acts as an interface between the business people and customers. Also there are various Online selling website through which people would like to submit their banking information to make payment. Most of the people prefers to buy things over Online than reaching the shops or malls so here security is very much important to safeguard the banking information. People were very smart and they will prefer the websites which ensures that the information provided for the transaction will be safe.

How SSL Certificate Works?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, this encrypts the data that is transferred between the web browser and the server. Normally data encryption takes place only after verifying the SSL Certificate. working of ssl

  • Web Browser attempts to connect a website that is recommended by the User. The web browser will request the web server identity itself.
  • A copy of SSL Certificate will be send to the web browser by the Server.
  • This is to check whether to trust the SSL Certificate or not.
  • Web Browser will check the SSL Certificate provided by the Server.
  • If the verification is successful, it will send a message to the server, else it won’t.
  • The web server will send the digitally signed acknowledgement to start the secured communication between the server and the browser. This will happen only if the verification is successful.
  • Finally, the data will be encrypted during the data share between the web browser and the server.

how ssl works

SSL is recommended for Better ranking in Search Engine Results Page. Search Engine would like to recommend the sites that is safe for the users. Increases security between the User and the server. In online, Safety is very much important than anything.