White Screen Of Death In WordPress

How To Solve WSOD Error In WordPress?

WSOD Error In WordPress

The WSOD error is known as ‘White Screen Of Death’.  These kind of error arises due to error in the PHP and also the database. A blank screen with no content or information  commonly known in the WordPress community as the WordPress White Screen Of Death (WSOD). Before getting into the remedial measure, first we should know the cause and source of this these type of errors.

Compatibility issues due to the plugins

Try deactivating all the plugins which you have installed and then reactivating them one by one to see which plugin is causing the problem. A update in the plugins also sometimes leads to the these kind of issues.

Error due to themes

The WSOD occurs when you have just activated a new theme or created a new site in the wordpress network. Log in to wordpress admin screens and activate the default wordpress themes. If you are not able to access the admin screens, you can try accessing your website using FTP and navigate to /wp-content/themes/ folder. Rename the folder of the active theme.

Memory Limits Exceeded

When your website gets a more amount of traffic in a very short period and if the hosting providers isn’t to handle it, the WSOD occurs. Also long running script may exhausts the PHP memory. To avoid this, the users can edit the settings to increase the PHP memory limit.

Corrupted WordPress Files

If none of the above mentioned help out,  then some of the core wordpress files are corrupted and don’t work. In this case, the user should download or update the latest version of wordpress and upload the new wp-admin and wp-includes folders via FTP.

Note: You should not upload the new ‘wp-content’ folder, as it will replace your current  one and you will lose your blog posts, pages etc.,

These are the common errors which leads to the White Screen Of Death in the wordpress sites.

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